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A framework that enables V to have a body shape different than the rest of the npcs.

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>>UPDATED TO 1.5<<

This is a FRAMEWORK - which means it does nothing on its own (reverts V body to vanilla). It is meant as a base for modders to enable them to create separate body presets for V and NPCs.

- Updated to 1.5
- Does no longer change fpp body
- 00_Framework_Unique_V_Body_Shape_jb_tpp_mod_patch.archive is a placeholder and can safely be removed

- !!! Changed paths !!! (Sorry about that, I sure hope it will never happen again; resource file and instructions have been updated) !!!
- Added male V support
- Added JB TPP camera mod compatibility patch (thanks, Sarunama!)



Extract the .7z and put the contents into the main game folder.

Default game folder location for:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Cyberpunk 2077
C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Cyberpunk 2077

Bodies using the framework:
1. Vanilla body - no body mods
2. spawn0 - BODY MOD - better body shape
3. MaximiliumM - Slightly thicc - Appearance Menu Mod discord exclusive
4. VolkanKorki - Moderately Thicc Body
5. Isaiah - Perfectly Thicc V

It is safe to assume, that this mod will NOT be 100% compatible with body mods (that require rig changes) unless it is explicitly said so. In other words, the modders have to restructure their mods to work with this framework. High poly bodies are working as usual.

Without preparation, the mod will change V's body to vanilla (base game), and let the npcs use modded bodies as usual.

If you're experiencing camera bugs - ie. not being able to look up - and you don't use TPP camera mod, try removing "00_Framework_Unique_V_Body_Shape_jb_tpp_mod_patch.archive" from the "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" folder.


To make your rig based body mod unique for V using this framework, all you have to do is to change the rigs and animgraphs names to custom ones as follows:

Folder: base\characters\base_entities\woman_base\deformations_rigs

woman_base_deformations.rig ---> female_plr_deformations.rig
woman_base_deformations.animgraph ---> female_plr_deformations.animgraph

man_base_deformations.rig ---> male_plr_deformations.rig
man_base_deformations.animgraph ---> male_plr_deformations.animgraph


1.5 version of the framework no longer modifies fpp body. Reason being the fpp player body already uses its own paths, and CDPR has changed something about the files, I can't really decipher right now - together with it creating compatibility issues with JB TPP camera, I decided to remove that part.

In order to get your custom body visible in first person, you modify the vanilla files - as you would without the framework.

Folder: base\characters\entities\player\deformations_rigs_wa

player_woman_base_deformations.rig ---> unique_female_fpp_deformations.rig
player_woman_base_deformations.animgraph ---> unique_female_fpp_deformations.animgraph

player_man_fpp_deformations.rig ---> unique_man_fpp_deformations.rig
player_man_fpp_deformations.animgraph ---> unique_man_fpp_deformations.animgraph

To make it easier for you, I attach a template to the optional files. These are vanilla files (with custom names), so feel free to use them as a base for your mod.

Make sure that your archive overwrites the framework archive. Load order is decided by the names of the archives - hence the "zz_" in "zz_johnson_Framework_Unique_V_Body_Shape.archive". If your mod doesn't work, try to change the name of your archive.

Special thanks to Zoso and Sarunama.

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