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T-Shirt with glowing decals. Based on the tarot graffiti - The Moon.

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A proof-of-concept. There is probably a much better way for doing mods like this, but I don't know it. 

It's blocky and not well fitted, sorry. It still looks good from a distance, though.

It replaces the "Vote Peralez" T-Shirt. ID: Game.AddToInventory("Items.SQ012_Shirt_VoteForPeralez",1)


Extract the .7z and put the contents into the main game folder.

Default game folder location for:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Cyberpunk 2077

C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Cyberpunk 2077

Special thanks to иᶦო (nim), who made it possible with the custom entity thing.
Also to rfuzzo for CP77 Tools, and AlphaZomega for being a literal demigod of Cyberpunk modding.