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'DismaLight' ReShade v2.5 by PROJ DRK DESIGN drastically overhauls the visual style of the game towards a much brighter, sharper & deeper look with dramatic realism in mind. Artistic lighting effects like minimalistic lens flares, subtle blooming elements and an extremely subtle cell shading effect transform the visuals.

Permissions and credits

1. Download ReShade.exe from the official Website. [ ]
2. Follow the instructions on the site to install and apply the ReShade menu to Cyberpunk 2077. 
3. Be sure to download ALL of the available effects to ensure total compatibility with this ReShade (and most likely many others).
4. Download and unpack the .zip file to [ ...\Cyberpunk 2077\bin ] 
5. Start up Cyberpunk 2077, apply DismaLight & begin...

UPDATED to v2.5 - 27/02/22 -

Brand New Optional config file for Ray-Tracing Users added which:

1. Increases allocated memory for Ray-Tracing Reflections [Use 'ULTRA' Ray-Tracing Quality... Go higher only you have a VERY high end machine].

2. Ambient Occlusion Draw Distance is increased and AO is around 15% darker overall.

3. Distant Fog Removal [Static & Volumetric] & Screen Space Heat Haze Removal.

4. Player Reflections in Ray-Tracing restored. [Albeit, you do appear headless in them...]


ReShade Preset is now less-heavy on your system [regained around 20fps over v2.1],

Colourisation & Lighting levels meticulously tweaked over time to ensure Bright & Vibrant day-times / Deep & Dark night-times.

Extra saturation added alongside a very minimalistic cell-shading effect to define hard, sharp edges & smaller details to the highest degree possible without compromising the 'realism factor' and without introducing unsightly aliasing.

Bloom levels adjustment to be 2x more prevalent on warmer colours with a slight softening to the brightest areas on screen.

Completely alleviated that Faded Green Tint that Cyberpunk is notorious for without compromising actual Green elements too much. 

Would hazard to say this could be the final version!


Since ReShade 5.0.1, I found that when I updated from a previous version, multiple duplicate shaders were present in my ReShade FX folders. Be sure that only one copy of each shader is present in your files & running alone for the true effect!

Use ReShade Performance Mode for a smoother result.

Increase the default Gamma by around 0.08 over your usual setting.  

Turn off all  built in post-processes such as Depth Of Field, Lens Flare & Chromatic Aberration in the options menu. Motion blur actually works quite well here.

Only download this ReShade from - I do not upload anywhere else.

Use DLSS or similar tech where you can. 


Geoengineering by ZAJ - Impressive and frequent weather changes with dozens of options. 

surfaces by madeofoil - Higher resolution textures which are vastly accentuated by this ReShade. ]

Wetter Roads RTX by AngEviL - Increased reflectivity of ray-traced reflections, complimented by the increased sharpness of this Preset. ]

Darker Lighting by Inuktiplater - Really adds to the visual impact overall and helps with presentation of darker areas. ]

Less Spread & More Recoil by zouzoulle - Boost your combat ballistics' realism with this self explanatory tweak. ]

Full Gameplay Rebalance by Scissors123454321- Fully configurable plug-in to tune the entire gameplay curve of Cyberpunk 2077. It facilitates too many great optional settings to mention here.
[ ]