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By popular demand, a selection of various LOD settings. Improve details for distant objects & prevent texture pop-in. Performance will vary per your PC and settings. Partially reworked for Patch 1.6, but mainly for pre-1.5 patch users.

Permissions and credits
LOD settings, per various requests (improves draw distances of various assets in the game).  Please read below to determine which LOD is right for you!  Your CPU + GPU majorly affect how the mod works.

  • DELETE OLD VERSIONS before install
  • Post 1.6 Patch, many users are reporting minimal change with this mod (I believe the NextGen patch renders this mod superfluous for those cases, still researching...)
  • Old versions remain archived, for those who have yet to update to patch 1.6

Parameters Affected:

  • Background Distance
  • Regular Distance
  • Cinematic
  • Vehicle
  • Cinematic Vehicle

Background and Regular distance seem to work well for your average environmental stuff.

is what you want when characters have vanishing bodies/clothes at distance (such as with my alternate clothes mods)

  • Cinematic 5x = Reduces invisible textures. Will still see pop-in/fadeout at VERY far distance.

  • Cinematic 10x = Reduces invisible textures. Clothes and body pop-in/fadeout negligible.

Vehicle vs Cinematic Vehicle
, from my understanding, governs the cars at distance (2D models) vs up-close (3D models)

  • Vehicle 20x is reported to cause problems with car chases!

  • All 5X = raises the draw distance of ALL these parameters by 5 times the normal game settings.
  • All 10X = raises the draw distance of ALL these parameters by 10 times the normal game settings.
  • Other versions mix and match some of the parameters, but most users will want "All 5x" or "All 10X"

USAGE NOTES:  Based on my play testing, but please feel free to share with any additional testing, information, or clarification.

  • Most likely INCOMPATIBLE with any other files that affect draw distances and LOD.
  • One exception is Judy Modding Essentials - Fixes by Janecio14, which only affects Judy's clothes models, so it should work alongside this.
  • I personally get little benefit from Draw Distance Boost, and it does the job in a different manner.  But it should run alongside this mod.
  • Just be wary of setting variables too high.  For Draw Distance, the limit seems to be 50x.  For LOD, I didn't notice benefits beyond 10x.
  • Improved Vegetation LODs modifies one of the same files, but also improves the actual texture files of the plants.  I personally don't use the LOD file from that mod (& it might not work for some), but the vegetation textures are worth trying out!  If you want to use both, just give this mod priority.

  • Personally, I prefer "All 5X" LOD (or All 5x + 10x Cinematic).
  • "All 10X" works quite well on recent graphics cards, but I found sporadic abnormalities with physics on far away objects.
  • Cars and people crashed more, died more, and resulted in random accidents or combat not involving V.  Funny, but annoying.
  • Granted, this could have been an engine issue, and the findings were subjective, but I had less random nonsense with "All 5X" 


  • Due to the nature of my schedule, I don't really accept commissions, as I can't guarantee a reliable turnaround.
  • But I appreciate constructive feedback on my mod pages. I hope you enjoy my work!
  • And while I never expect it, tips either through Nexus or via Ko-fi are always humbling and greatly appreciated!