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Eyelashes options for both Fem and Male V, with colors also available.

Permissions and credits
Replaces Fem or Male V lashes, into hand painted different shapes or lengths. Color options also available. Unique to V (other NPCs won't be affected).
Colors made with the help of chemtrayls to speed things up and keep me sane, wouldn't have done these without you 💜

Colors may vary depending on lighting!

 For this new version to work in 1.5, the mod is divided in 3 parts, and you need to install a combination of these to get the desired results.
 1 - Base Head
Technical info: It's where the data of the lashes go, everything related to lashes is custom pathed. You don't install it, the mod won't work, period.
 2 - Shapes
Technical info: The base head points to these. If you don't install a base head AND shapes, the mod won't work.
 3 - Colors (OP1, OP2 | OP3)
 Technical info: The base head points to these colors. No color file, no lashes, even if you only want black (it’s still a color).
 This info is extremely important to get the results you desire.
 1 - For the original colors to work (OP2 & OP3) you need to install Johnson's eyes lod fix. By doing this, all the lashes color option will be whatever color you picked (and actually show up). If you pick white, all will be white.
 2 - If you mix new vanilla eyes color (OP1) with old colors (OP2 or OP3) you need to install Johnson's eyes lod fix. In this case, the color chosen will get mixed with the vanilla color (if you don't install the fix, regular vanilla colors will show up).
 3 - If you want just vanilla colors, install OP1

Here are pictures showcasing the behaviour of each instance + gif for easy color comparison

So choose your combination of archives accordingly.
TLDR: If you are using the original colors (OP2 or OP3) you HAVE to install Johnson's eyes lod fix or, either won't show up if installed alone, or won't take any effect if installed with vanilla colors.


MALE V - Clipping may ocurr depending on eyeshape and where V is looking, mesh warps weirdly on the outerside, I can't fix these. The color also applies unevenly after patch 1.5, as showcased in the gif showcasing new color behaviour. I'll try to look into a way of fixing it

- Installation -
1. Pick the archive options you want and place them in  *:\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod
2. Create the folder if you don't have one.

To uninstall, simply erase the mod from the folder or move it somewhere else for safekeeping.

NimRain and Chemtrayls for working on the new version of the Unique Eyes core mod and descending into lashes madness with me, it has been a journey and I would have gone even madder without you both <3
Halvkyrie for original Unique Eyes core mod work
The modding discord for their huge support <3

If you take any pictures with these please upload them! I'd love to see!

If you like my work support me on Ko-fi! ♥