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Improves the LOD textures of ALL billboards in the game!

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Improves the LOD of 111 billboards and 2 base billboards while remaining 100% lore friendly. CDPR used some terrible scaling techniques for the LOD textures of billboards... I fixed it.

In effect, this will improve distance billboards and make the transition between LOD textures less jarring. 
This is not a massive visual overhaul and there is LITTLE TO NO PERFORMANCE IMPACT! See the in game screenshots.

If you find an issue with the mod, please screenshot it.
A general comment of "it's worse than before" will simply be deleted.

The project is now done! I will still be doing updates if needed, but it feels good to have made it :D

Billboards currently improved:

- Introduced in 1.0

All Foods 2   All Foods Family (base improved too)    All Foods Meat

Avante    Broseph    Caliente

Chromanticore   Cirrus (x2)    Dynalar

Foreign Body   Gomorrah    Jigjig BD

Kang Tao   Khalil   Milf Guard

Moore   Nicola   Northoak (x2)

Northoak fallbacks   Slaughter House   Speed Loans

Stress Pills   The Big Eat Show   Thrud

Us Cracks   Us Cracks 2    Vargas

- Introduced in 1.1

SPC   New Empire   Budget Arms

Blast Dance   Combat Cab   Rowdy Dog

Techtronika   Sarah Devon   Moonchies

Arasaka Soldier   DTR   Mr Stud

- New in 1.2

Budget Arms 2   Lizzies   Time Machine 1

Araska   Abydos   All World Insurance

Tampons   Mr Whitey

- New in 1.3

Burrito   Real Water   Militech

RTJ   KT   Henry Malorian   Combat Cab 2

Squirt-a-Quisitor   Pacifica Welcome (base improved too)   Somalia

- New in 1.4

Sandblast   Sasha Devon   Schade Zeig Dich   

EJI   Rayfield   Arasaka Lobby

Joe Tiel   Pacifica Hotels   Delamain

Watson Whore

- New in 1.5

JigJigTwerk    Fuyutsuki Boom Box   Time Machine 2

Propaganda Hanako   Got Chrome Jobs   Biotechnica

Sojasil Machistador   Football   Wet Dream

- New in 1.6

District Fallbacks:

Arasaka   Badlands   Charterhill

City Center   Glen   Japan Town

Kabuki   Little China   Northern Industrial

Pacifica   Rancho   Santo Domingo

Vista Del Ray   Wellsprings

- New in 1.7

Peralez Vote   NCPD   Thorton 2020

Sudo   Cheap As Chips   Giovanni Brizzi

Champaradise   Bolshevik   Pacifica

Arasaka Propaganda   Night Corp

- New in 1.8

Tiancha   SpacePort   Konpeki

Jinguji_Street   GotChrome_Jobs   Dark_Star

Crystal_Palace   BodyImplants   AstroMartin

- True Night City Ads Version
Does not enhance:

Chromanticore   Gomorrah   MilfGuard

Sasha Devon   Somalia

- Alternate Posters Version
Does not enhance:

Avante   Militech   Thrud

- Sexier Ads Version
Does not enhance:

Abydos   Avante   Blast Dance

Body Implants   Broseph   Caliente

Cheap as Chips   Delamain   Dynalar

Foreign Body   Got Chrome Jobs   Jinguji Street

Militech   Mr Stud   Pacifica Hotels

Real Water   Sasha Devon   Slaughter House

Sojasil Machistador   Stress Pill   Time Machine 2

Us Cracks 2   Watson Whore

Modders: The files changed by this mod are too numerous to list(226 .xbm files)... It's the 720p and 1080p variant of every billboard and the base of two.