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Sick of the nasty green and black theme? So am I... Here's a version with a fancy red interior and red exterior decals and neon underglow w/ a matching icon for your garage.

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A lavish red black and white interior with red replacment decals, red cold cathode tube under glow AND a matching icon for your garage.

USERS: This mod has TWO requirements! They will show up when you click download or you can get them up here in "Requirements"^ or right and here.                                  kek
This mod has a high chance to conflict with anything that changes the Caliburn in general, not just the free one

NEW! AIO file including underglow.

Besides legit (spoilers, you can google it), this version can be added to your garage using the Respector Mod quick tweaks, just search Caliburn and pick the black one.


The Main Files changed; "v_sport1_rayfield_caliburn__ext01_bumper_f_01.mesh", "v_sport1_rayfield_caliburn__ext01_door_fl_a_01.mesh", "v_sport1_rayfield_caliburn__ext01_door_fl_b_01.mesh", "v_sport1_rayfield_caliburn__ext01_door_fr_a_01.mesh", "v_sport1_rayfield_caliburn__ext01_door_fr_b_01.mesh", "v_sport1_rayfield_caliburn__int01_interior_01.mesh", "v_sport1_rayfield_caliburn__int01_stwheel_01.mesh", "caliburn_int_premium_03.mlsetup", "wheel_outlaw_clean.mlsetup", "interior_buttons_emissive.mi", "vehicles_icons.xbm", "vehicles_icons_1080p.xbm", "ml_v_sport2_quadra_type66_v_tech__wheel_02.mlsetup´╗┐" and "v_sport1_rayfield_caliburn__ext01_body_01.mesh"

If your mod changes these icon files, and you would like this mod to be compatible, contact me (Walrus420) on the cp2077 modding discord. I'd be happy to send the source images or do the work and add the icon to your source image myself!