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A Samurai themed reskin of the Constitutional Arms Unity. Includes an optional matching icon to go with!

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Likely sold from an electric VW bus in the summer of 2023 in the parking lot of a Samurai Concert... It may not be official merch, but it's the next best thing!

NEW! A Misc. stand alone paint only reskin of the base model Unity. Comes with appropriate icon change. It's got no stickers and no, adding the stickers isn't possible (yet) I tried. 

NEW! Optional file for removing stickers on the in-game gun model entirely!

This mod WILL conflict with anything that changes the stickers on the Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X. Check user images. With the exception of the Samurai Painted Base Unity.

You can spawn this variant of the Unity in CET with the command Game.AddToInventory("Items.Preset_Unity_Neon", 1)

The gorilla arms mod pictured is ErebusArms flesh forearm chrome fingers.

This is just a material and texture mod, but icons are kept in bunches, not just individual images, so anything that modifies icons might not be compatible. My Active Optical Camo Icon mod is 100% compatible! 
The icons are an option included by default, you likely won't have any issues, but if it causes a conflict with another mod, you can delete Unity_Samurai_Icon.archive or Samurai Painted Base Unity Icon.archive.

Modders: The main files changed by this mod are "ml_w_handgun__constitutional_liberty__base1_01_neon2_unity.misetup", "yaiba_stickers.xbm", "item_icons3.xbm" and "item_icons3_1080p.xbm".

Optional file changes: "w_handgun__constitutional_unity__base1_01_decal_d01_neon2.mesh" or "w_handgun__constitutional_unity__base1_01.mesh"

If your mod changes these icon files, and you would like this mod to be compatible, contact me (Walrus420) on the cp2077 modding discord. I'd be happy to send the source images or do the work and add the icon to your source images myself!