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Modified Icon for the Optical Camo Cyberware in shops, your own inventory and on the HUD.

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The icon for optical camo can now stand out from the crowd of cyberware, and more logically convey it's purpose visually in shops without hovering!
No more sleepy glancing down and asking why you can toggle subdermal armor on/off.

Goes great with the Alternate Optical Camo Effect mod by Inuktiplater!

Users: Install only one version at a time! 

This is just a texture mod, but icons are kept in bunches, not just individual images, so anything that modifies icons might not be compatible. My Neon Constitutional Unity Recolor mod is 100% compatible! 

Modders: The textures replaced by the mod are "item_icons3_1080p" and "item_icons3".

If your mod changes these files, and you would like this mod to be compatible, contact me (Walrus420) on the cp2077 modding discord. I'd be happy to send the source images or do the work and add the icon to your source image myself!