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Outfit mashups and edits for the inner baddie! This will be updated periodically. For feminine V's only!

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This is a collection of combined in-game clothes, edits or obscure NPC clothing edited to fit V.  

Please note:
  install only ONE version of each color to replace the coordinating Console Code.  Do not input alternative codes for the same piece of clothing or it will not appear.  It is only meant to replace the version I've posted.  Also, some of these pieces may be slightly clippy for sculpted V's.  I did manage to fix some of the clippings as best I could.  :'c

If the colors are not showing, you may need to download this:  Cyberpunk 2077 Texture Override.

Pieces include:
Chic Crop Top -   Replaces "Reinforced-Seam Sporty Tank Top"
Evelyn Coat with Crystals - Replaces "Purple Symphony Enhanced Polyamide Edgerunner" (warning: the blue and pink pvc coats' crystals are emissive and flash a bit)
Fur Bolero - Replaces "Tamashī Stretch-Laminate Rally Bolero"
Hanako Dress Turned Cropped Top - Replaces "Nippon Composite Coated Muscle Tank"
Full Bodysuit - Replaces "Spiked Maelstrom Short Sleeve Jacket"

To Install: the .archive files are placed in the "mod" folder, located in Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod.