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Ever looted a legendary cyberware that you just bought one ten minutes ago?

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-- Supported game version: v1.23, v1.3 --

Press mouse middle button (the same button to unequip something) while hovering over an unequipped cyberware to trigger a confirmation popup to sell it to the ripperdoc.

Note that you don't get the regular vendor's buy back mechamism. You get to pay full price if you buy it back, so consider before selling.

Any cyberware mods and attachments are sold with it. Make sure to detach them or replace them with the most basic one before selling it.

This is a script based mod and requires redscript that works for your game version.
  • For game version v1.23, you need redscript 0.2.4
  • For game version v1.3, you need rescript 0.3.0 (if you don't find this version in nexus, you can download it from github)

According to user feedback, this mod is incompatible with Unequip Cyberware, therefore an optional version that also allows the player to unequip cyberwares exist.

Q: Not working?
A1: You need to be sure you have the redscript that works for your game version.
A2: Redscript keeps the last successful compile result if any reds file causes compile error. This means, any bugged reds file prevents any further reds file to be loaded. Check your r6/scripts/*.log and you should see which reds file is causing compile error.
A3: If you are playing with game version v1.3, you must be aware that many mods that have not been updated for now. You need to be sure that every mod you installed has been confirmed to work for v1.3.