Cyberpunk 2077
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Automatically switch graphics quality depending on the game context.

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Automatically switch graphics quality depending on the game context.

Set up a "Default" preset with higher settings for casual exploration, a "Combat" preset for when you need your FPS the most, and the "Photo Mode" preset for when you want the game to look as good as possible.

You can choose from six presets: Default, Combat, PhotoMode, Vehicle, Cutscene, and Menu.

Additionally, you may want to set up NVIDIA DSR/AMD VSR feature to be able to play the game at a higher resolution than your screen can handle. This will allow you to automatically switch to 4K whenever the Photo Mode is opened.

Furthermore, under the "Tweak" tab, you can adjust some of the internal graphics settings (such as Bloom).
More tweaks will be added in the future.

Reshade users

A few graphics settings (DLSS, Resolution, StaticResolutionScaling, Window Mode) force Reshade to reload.
This will result in a slight stutter, which could be quite annoying with the "Cutscene" preset on.
Do not change settings colored yellow to prevent this.

Additionally, you can force Reshade to only compile shaders that are enabled. This will speed up the reloading process. ("Reshade Menu" -> "Settings" -> "Load only enabled effects").


1. Make sure you have Cyber Engine Tweaks installed.
2. Drop the content of an archive into your cyberpunk directory (where the "bin" folder is).

Special thanks