Cyberpunk 2077

About this mod

An assortment of Photo Mode poses and expressions stolen from NPC's all around Night City.
Are you also sick tired of the same poses over and over? My pose mods let you use some NPC's poses for V in Photo Mode by replacing the vanilla PM poses.
Also available: Facial Expression replacers for Appearance Menu Mod!
New: animations

Permissions and credits
Ayy, here's some info about my mods:

- The poses all work for fem V and male V and some work very limited also for player Johnny.

- The poses are taken from male and female animations, so some poses might make fem V wide and break her feet and others will squish male V or Johnny. There might be clipping in some poses too.

- The custom photo mode pose mods replace the idle photo mode poses. This means you won't be able to use the vanilla idle photo mode poses when you have one of my pose mods installed. 

- The custom expession mods replace the AMM expressions. You won't be able to use the vanilla AMM expressions when you have one of my expression mods installed. The "surprise to sex" mod is the only one who keeps the vanilla AMM expressions and just replaces the surprise expression there.

- Some expression/pose mods include more options than others, please just switch through the options and look what works and what doesn't. Some mods have  poses double. The pics give you a preview of what is included in which mod.

- You can only have one expression mod and one pose mod installed at the same time. The mods will also clash with other mods that replace Photo Mode poses or AMM expressions.

- V or Johnny will float in the air when using the poses. You will need AMM to position them right.

- Since I didn't plan to actually publish those mods they are pretty messy. And yes, I know the names are weird. But hey, the mods are still great for some nice pics in my opinion. Just have fun!

- Some clothes might break the mod (for example: some poses might not work if your V is wearing a piece of clothing with a high collar)

- The animation mods are highly experimental and I just added them for fun. I have no idea if they are going to work for everyone. If you wanna know how to use them, scroll down to "How to install and use".

- Some of the poses look better if you add some of the new AMM props, give it a try if you want.

- Also important: I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS.

How to install and use:

1. Download the pose/expression pack or the animation mod you want, unpack it and drop the archive file in your mod folder.
2. For the Photo Mode poses just open Photo Mode and choose the pose you want.
3. In most cases V or Johnny will be floating, so you'll need to use AMM to position your character or Johnny. (You find the tool to position characters in the tools section of AMM)
4. For the expressions you need AMM too. Look at the character whose expression you wanna change and choose an expression in AMM's tools section. Please note that not all expressions will work. Please just try out what works and what doesn't.
5. The mods labeled CUSTOM PM ANIMATION are just some stuff I tried out for fun. They work like the poses, but the special part is that they can play one animation each. They replace the idle "I know Kung Fu" pose (the one where V shows off their cyberware if they have it installed). The animation will only play if V has NO arm cyberware (like Mantis Blades or Gorilla Arms) installed.


The mods you can see in my pics: 

Alt's cyberhand:
Samurai choker:
Manbun for Johnny:

Big thanks to 86maylin for helping me with hex editing. ♡
And also big thanks to Longinotti for helping me find a good name for my mod and a decent description. ♡
Also big thanks to Midnight Blue/Elow Mojo for beta testing some of my poses and for helping me with pics ♡
And last but not least, BIG thanks to the people in the AMM discord server for testing my mods and for always supporting me. You're the best ♡