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New hairstyles for feminine-bodied V. (Formerly Half Updo Hair (And Other Styles))

Permissions and credits
Update 04/05/2022: Updated all but one style for patch 1.5.
Update 05/26/2021: Added Brushed Back Hairstyle and flipped version.
Update 05/19/2021: Added Messy Bob Edit and Pigtail Braids.
Update 05/18/2021: Added Low Bun hairstyle.
Update 05/16/2021: Added another hairstyle, called Ponytail Braids! Requested on discord, the style was inspired by the hairstyle from this render of V on deviantart by xBaebsae. It replaces hair 1 for feminine-bodied V.

Hairstyle List:
  • Half Updo - Replaces hair 11
  • Ponytail Braids - Replaces hair 1
  • Low Bun - Replaces hair 1
  • Messy Bob Edit -  Replaces hair 12
  • Pigtail Braids - Replaces hair 1
  • Brushed Back Hair & Flipped Version - Replaces hair 3

Do I know why I made this? No I do not. But it sure looks nice, right?

Essentially I mashed a bunch of vanilla hairstyles together with a ton of editing. I've been trying to make some meshes from scratch, but well... that hasn't been going well.

Replaces hair 11. I will not take requests to swap a different hairstyle, because the clip/hairtie on the hair needs an extra accessory mesh attached to the hair... and not a lot of the hairstyles for V have that.

Slap the file in your mod folder and please enjoy!

NOTE: I NO LONGER ACTIVELY CHECK COMMENTS OR MESSAGES ON NEXUS. I realized it was taking a lot out of my enjoyment of modding. I hope you understand. However, I will try to address any issues with the files of this mod if that comes up.