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Replaces vanilla skin types with my custom 4K edits. Skin textures and normal maps are all edited, so lighting of small details like pores is improved

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This is the continuation of my previous 4K complexions mod, but it's way better. Small details like pores and moles are added, also the lips seem much more realistic with new custom normal map

Old mod: 

New mod:

All the files in this mod replace skin type no.1, so do not install more than one variant at the same time

See the images for variants:

○ Young Pure Skin
- no moles, no freckles, no blush, all natural
○ Slightly Freckled Skin - light, barely visible freckles and few moles
○ Natural Freckled Skin - natural freckles, few moles and dimples
○ Going Grunge - black waterline and some light blush
○ Going Grunge Naturally - black waterline and light freckles
○ Tired Skin - bags under the eyes, visible tiredness
○ Going Glam - basically Going Grunge with red lips

In the photos my V doesn't have any lip makeup on. Also, there are no freckles and no blush
Be aware that the complexions may look differently near different sources of light


Drop the .archive file into the mod folder

\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod

If the mod folder doesn't exist, create it


Please add your images :D

Note 1: 
You can (and you should!) use this mod with amazing Halvkyrie 's work - Morph Texture Removal - Cleaner and better skin details
The skin looks muuuch better

Note 2: 
This time I do not take any requests, I have too little time to continue my works this way. Although, you can post your ideas. I can't promise anything, but you may be my inspiration :)   

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Lips in old mod:

Lips in the current mod: