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Love the E3 2018 colors but hate how washed out the game looks with it? Look no further! Better Shadows, Lighting, Colors, see the difference for yourself!

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NEW RECOMMENDATION: Try this ReShade preset with RESTORE3 - Full E3 Restoration (2018 Color Table with Adjusted Gamma) instead of the E3 LUT

GREAT NEWS! The E3 2018 LUT from Geoengineering is back. You can still of course use the E3 2018 Lighting Mod instead, but the final look will not be the quite the same (you can try unchecking the filmic tonemap shader when using E3 2018 Lighting Mod, as it doesn't need it nearly as much). As far as the performance impact, when playing in 4K it's around a 4-5 fps loss (for me). Download includes ReShade version 4.9.1, haven't updated due to the numerous issues reported with ReShade 5.0+ especially with Cyberpunk. 

ReShade Installation:
- Extract and drag all 4 files from the download to "Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64"
- Launch the game, "Home" key to get into ReShade menu, and "End" key to toggle effects
- If not automatically selected, choose "e3_visual_overhaul.ini" from the drop-down menu within ReShade
- Make sure "Performance Mode" is checked at the bottom right of the ReShade menu as well!

E3 2018 LUT Installation:
-Download and extract E3 2018 LUT file, then place "_ge_luts_e3_2018_log.archive" in "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod"

Optional Disable Bloom file; This preset uses shaders that do a much better job than the vanilla bloom in my opinion, and having both on at the same time can look overwhelming. Download and extract the .ini file, then drag it to Cyberpunk 2077\engine\config\platform\pc

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