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An Arch Nazare bike themed after the mox with addons

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This mod is my own version of the Arch Nazare, themed for the mox with some addons.


  • 1.01 - Fixed accidental leftover decals that would replace the valentinos stickers
  • 1.0 - Initial Release

This originally replaces the Arch Nazare Itsumade, but there is an optional patch that will swap out either Jackie's Arch (both tuned and regular), or the normal player arch (Yellow that you purchase) for the Itsumade. You cannot use more than one "patch" at once.
This changes out models such as the tall seat for the tygers etc nazare bikes for my crash bar model instead, and changes the usual tyger claws decals to use mox decals instead. Currently there is not much that can be done to prevent changes like this for more than 1 vehicle.
Material Override and Mox Nazare .archive files are required
Jackie or Player Patch is optional, and does nothing on its own aside from make either the Player Arch Nazare or Jackie's Arch bike look like the default green Itsumade.
There are some minor issues with it unfortunately such as some slightly wonky decals here and there.
I started working on this bike some weeks ago, and let it lie for a while, and returned to finish it now. There is lots i have done before that i can do differently or better (or both) now, but i think it was a shame to scrap it as is and start from scratch instead of releasing it.

To install:

Download the Material Override patch If you don't have it already
Go to your game install folder, navigate to \Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch\
Paste in the Material Override .archive file
Paste in the Arch Nazare Mox .archive file (the main file)
If you want to swap the appearance of the player arch or jackie's arch, add ONE of these patch .archive files now

Default game location for steam is C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\

Thank you

alphaZomega - for the CP77 Plugins/Scripts for Noesis, 010 and such, and teaching me lots of his findings in the game.

SilverEzredes - for lots of research and knowledge about the game and 3d modeling, what i can and can't get away with putting in the game

Crazy Potato - for teaching me lots about 3d modelling and editing, helping me figure out what i did when i broke everything completely (don't worry it won't crash your game now, i hope)

иᶦო (nim) - for teaching me bits of everything, and lots of incedibly useful research on vehicles and now also ENT files (Making the jackie patch possible and lots of other good stuff)

The Cyberpunk 2077 Modding discord
- for being a great place to learn, teach others, and share ideas and tricks and the passion for modding.

In this Google Drive Folder you can find the models i ended up with in fbx format, and:

Feel free to use the resources for your own works, but please give credit if sharing it anywhere.