Cyberpunk 2077
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These are a compilation of save games that feature some gigs that were cut from the game, due to missing AI implementation, bugs or just simply for use with later (DLC!?) content.

Permissions and credits
If any of you wish to play through the cut gigs, use braindance protocol to give yourself better stats. Alternatively, you can use a save game editor if you want to change gender/lifepath.

Name of the gigs and playability:

  • Gig: Hothead - Playable, but is very glitchy. Most likely can not be finished, has AI car chases.
  • Gig: Nasty Hangover - Playable from start to finish
  • Gig: Concrete Cage Trap - Very Playable from start to finish, feels complete.
  • Gig: Desperate Measures - A little glitchy, but can be played from start to finish.
  • Gig: Unknown - Move your player a bit, and it takes you to a cutscene with no dialogues. My guess is this is supposed to be a braindance.

Note: If you drive a vehicle then switch back to first person view, you're going to have the third person mesh of your face/hair sticking out. This is unavoidable.