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This reshade is meant to do to Anti-aliasing/DLSS blur what street thugs did to batman's parents. Install if your goal is the sharpest possible image without causing artifacts. This works ESPECIALLY well for DLSS modes. If you are at a lower resolution (1080p, possibly 2k) you may need to weaken or disable Luma Sharpen.

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Hello! I tried several of the re-shades on the website and most deviated too far from the base game's color palette, or just did not look great for me. I made my own preset that aims primarily to make blur from DLSS/TAA a thing of the past. Fully disabling TAA (which you can do with cyberpunk tweaker: will break DLSS, and obviously give you rougher edges, especially on lower resolutions.

I have included a version that also includes a simulated HDR look. Community feedback said most people do not want this, so the primary version will be the non-HDR version now. I highly recommend pairing this with Performance Overhaul if on an AMD CPU:

I tuned this on my Acer Predator X34P ultrawide IPS display with the following settings:

1. 3440x1440
2. DLSS Balanced 
3. RT Lighting Ultra
4. NVIDIA Digital Vibrance 65%
5. Low Motion Blur
6. All other in game graphical settings max.

Your results will likely vary if you are on a different panel type, lower resolution, not playing with ray tracing, etc....

Performance Impact

I like to use the cherry blossom market to test since this is a complex scene with lots of light sources, shadows, people and generally it is just a very demanding scene to render. There are much more demanding scenes, but this one is right next to a fast travel point. In this location the shader preset drops me from 60 FPS to 53 FPS (I have decided I am willing to play as low as 50 FPS given how good the game looks). In general you can expect up to a 15% performance cost at the most. I have now added a second preset to the zip that will disable Clarity and levels by default. This reduces the FPS cost to 5% or less.

If you do take too much of a hit, I recommend disabling shaders in the following order to get the best image quality with the lowest FPS cost:
1. Clarity - By far the highest FPS cost, and with the sharpening from the other shaders you will still have a good quality image without it.
2. Levels - Has a minimal impact on the overall image quality in most cases, will get you 1-2 FPS back.
3. Liftgammagain - This improves colors, but you will get 2-3 FPS back disabling it without losing any sharpness.
4. HDR (if enabled) - The last one that has any real performance impact that is not central to the goal of the reshade. Will significantly reduce color quality though.

Basically I layered multiple sharpening filters to achieve the sharpest possible image with the least over-sharpening artifacts. If you simply turn up sharpening from one source it has a tendency to make faces and distant objects look horrible. 


1. Install the latest version of ReShade:
2. Unzip the .zip file to your bin\x64 folder. Ex. "C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64". You may be asked to overwrite files if you already installed shader packages when you installed ReShade. 
3. Disable any other sharpening sources you may have been using, they will cause extreme over-sharpening when used in conjunction with this reshade. Ex. - Nvidia control panel sharpening, Fidelity CX CAS (can just turn down/off the sharpening slider), Geforce overlay sharpening, etc.
4. Boot up the game and press Home. Select AA Blender.ini from the drop down at the top.
5. Burn this city!

Known Issues
1. This preset was tuned for 3440x1440, it will likely oversharpen at lower resolutions. I expect it will probably look fine on a 2k display, but at 1080p it is too strong. Try lowering the Luma Sharpen strength, or just disabling Luma Sharpen entirely if your image looks grainy. It should look fine on a 4k display, though you may actually be able to increase the sharpening, depending on what DLSS setting you are at.


Including one before and after here, and I will have more in the media page. I am using photo mode just so we get the exact same scene and lighting. Some photos will be reduced quality due to the 8MB file size limit on Nexus. I am uploading all the unedited photos to this album:

No Filters:

AA Blender HDR:

AA Blender No HDR:

Hope you enjoy playing with both quality and performance. Take advantage of those DLSS settings better with these filters improving DLSS past native resolution (kinda)!