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My attempt at restoring the original E3 Hairstyle for female V shown during the 2018 demo.

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This is my attempt at restoring the original style of the hair for female V, shown during the 2018 E3 Gameplay Demo for Hairstyle 1.

NOTE: There are multiple versions that differ in terms of their texture/shade, the "Main Files" (Final Versions) are NOT necessarily the best, it is purely preferential as to which version you wish to use.

All other versions can be found within the "Optional Files" section of the downloads page - refer to "Images" section to compare the various versions. 

E3 Female V Guide

. Download ONE of the Hair Files from either the "Main Files" or "Optional Files"; found in the files section (Replaces "Hairstyle 1" for Female V.
2. Download the individual E3 Eyes, Face and Eyebrows files found here. 
3. Download the E3 Samurai Jacket found here.
4. Drop all .archive files into your ""DRIVE:\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch" Path.
5. Read the instructions for the "E3 V Mesh" Mod in order to create the correct preset.


Crazy Potato - Maxine - RickMaluzius - SerTeddyCups - KickingWriter for creating the original E3 Mesh/Hair base
Master_Plot for creating an original Hair base and helping me out with exporting. 


I have no artistic talent and this was my first attempt at creating anything like this. This is my second version and first published version. I will probably upload alternatives to this as I try to improve. 

I creating this/tested using the E3 Lighting Mod & E3FX Reshade, apologies for any issues /w other lighting/reshade mods. Each version varies to differing degrees, none are considered the "best version" it is purely preferential though the my personal "finalized" version(s) have been set as the "Main Files" all previous versions have been set as "Optional Files" pick whatever version you prefer. 

Any criticism/tips are welcome.