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Generates a unique backstory for each crowd NPC scanned. Procedurally generates the background based on the NPC's appearance/gender. NPC's background is displayed in a new section on the scanner pane!

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  • Ukrainian
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
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Hey chummers, guess what I just snagged off the grid? If you're looking to get the lowdown on anyone lurking in your shadows, you're gonna want this. Introducing the Crowd Scanner Plugin – your new eye's best friend. Seems like Kiroshi and Netwatch have been cookin' something up in secret, and trust me, you want in.

Get the dirt on anyone – where they grew up, the skeletons in their closets, and those digital breadcrumbs they left all over the Net. All served up in a flash, right in your field of vision.

Got Kiroshi Optics? This bad boy's plug-and-play. Get it before it's hot.

Now compatible with 2.0/PL!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod now Requires
Codeware. If upgrading from a previous version ensure you uninstall/delete the previous version of this mod from your scripts folder. See install instructions below.


Once the mod is installed simply find a crowd NPC to scan. You should see a procedurally generated background appear in a new section of the scanner info panel. This works on crowd NPCs only. Combatants will not render a background in favor of the other UI elements (bounty, skills, vulnerabilities, etc...).

  • The character's appearance is taken into consideration when generating their backstory. Poor looking people are much more likely to have experienced negative events while richer looking people will have more pleasant backgrounds befitting their upbringing.
  • The character's faction/archetype is considered as well. Edgerunners will be much more likely to have performed some kind of mercenary work.
  • Rare events! Some events are super rare - keeping scanning to see if you can find some of them!



 Manual Installation
  • Delete any previous versions of this mod from your r6/scripts folder (e.g. r6/scripts/backgroundScanner)
  • Install Codeware and Red4Ext
  • Download the mod and extract the zip file.
  • Drag the contents of the zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 game folder

Upgrading from previous versions
  • This mod previously shipped with its own version of the Codeware library. In order to provide better compatibility with mods that use Codeware, this mod now requires the Codeware distribution hosted on Nexus.
  • When installing a new version, please be sure you delete the previous version from your mod from your r6/scripts folder. However, if you're using Vortex to manage your installation, you should be fine.

Alternatively, you can use your favorite Mod Manager to download this mod. Just be sure the files end up in the right location.


Anyone willing to provide translations, please feel free to do! 

How To Make Translations
The text.reds file includes all the strings used within this mod. You'll want to modify each variable in that file with your translations.

Both male and female variants of text strings are defined in text.reds. By default, male variant strings are not required, if it is not defined the female variant will surfaced. English text strings are generally written in a gender-neutral way so a lot of strings will have only "female" variants defined.  If your language is gendered you may provide a string for both the male and female variant strings which will be surfaced depending on whether the subject of the scan is male or female.

Once your translations are complete, you can replace the default text.reds file with your translated version to test them out in-game.

Hosting Translations
Please upload your translations to Nexus and link them to this mod. Screenshot on how to do this:
To ensure that your translations are compatible with any updates/fixes for this mod be sure to include only the modified text.reds file in your upload. You'll want to structure your uploaded zip file as follows: r6/scripts/backgroundScanner/text.reds. Your text.reds file should overwrite the one in this mod.

Massive thanks to BadAssGodFather for his contributions/coming up with a ton of new events
Huge thanks to jekky for his excellent Redscript compiler
Based on the CP2020 Lifepath Generation Program by Mark A. Hassman
Thanks to everyone over at the 
CP77 modding discord