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This mod customizes Johnnys Porsche into a RWB Porsche.

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This mod customizes Johnnys Porsche to a RWB Porsche, apparently Akira Nakai visited Night City in 2013 to work on Johnnys car. The car’s available in 2 colors, black and white, if you wish to change it to other than those 2, please visit my Porsche Custom Paintjobs mod. I’ve also added 1 extra set of custom rims.

Before you install, if you have my custom paintjob mod, be sure to delete all of them first, just to be safe, and then drop the archive folder in your Cyberpunk 2077 folder.

If you want to change the color (using my custom paintjob mod) delete the basegame_porsche_blackpaint (if you have the black RWB variant) / basegame_porsche_whitepaint (if you have the white RWB variant) in your patch  folder (Cyberpunk2077\archive\pc\patch) and drop all the files from the paintjob mod except the decals file (basegame_porsche_decals.archive) so it doesn’t replace the custom RWB decals, but if you want no decals you can just delete the decals file in your patch folder (Cyberpunk2077\archive\pc\patch) and then drop in the nodecals file (basegame_porsche_nodecals.archive) from the paintjob mod.

Big thanks to rfuzzo for providing the CP77 tools, also to alphaZomega for the scripts and Cyberpunk 2077 Discord modding community (Click to join and contribute).