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E3 2018 Original CDPR Demo V Face/Head Model

Permissions and credits
Adds the original E3 2018 V Face for any wearable item from face slot

- Clean V Face with Blush. Use character skin tone 4/Cyberware 0. Credits to Kala for her skin/blush.
Use with New V Complexion Basegame Lips by Kala for smoother lips for V
- Small fix, Hardened Plastic Goggles now work.
- Fixed Photomode Loading

Needs to be used with my other mod Hats are Hairs or character will be bald.

Don't use this mod at new game start. Install it only after you go through the character creator menu and have a face slot item to equip.
Installation: Drop the mod file at Cyberpunk2077\archive\pc\patch

- Biker Helmets of this type will make V's face disappear when using hathair mod
- Face Expressions Option in Photo Mode doesnt work

Optional file included that hides anything equipped to the Special Slot. Sometimes the game auto equips Outfits in the special slot and that makes V face disappear unless the Outfit is unequipped manually. This file prevents V's face from disappearing even if anything is equipped in the Special Outfit Slot.

To make the most of it, I recommend those settings in Character Creation or using Cybercat.

Skin Tone 2/Skin Tone 4 for Clean V
Cyberware 0
Eye Make Up 6
Eye Makeup Color 2
Cheek Makeup: Any
Blemishes: Any
Lipcolor 0

Pink and Darkroots hair color
Spicy HUDS - SIlverhand HUD

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Alternative Solution for E3 V by XxCRAZYPOTATOxX:
E3 V (Mesh Model and Textures)

Credits: SerTeddyCups, Kala and Cyberpunk 2077 Discord Mod Channel