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Adds E3 2018 Hairstyle for Female V.

Permissions and credits

E3 2018 Haircut for Female V (Works on Patch 1.5)

Specials thanks to Rfuzzo for Cyberpunk Tools. 

 Wulfgaardian for help with the Fem V face preset.

And FX0x01for the Trimmed hair idea for v1.3


Installation Instructions :

1. Extract the .rar into *:\GOG\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod

 2. Create the mod folder if you don't have one.

Detailed Instructions for e3 look by Wulfgaardian :

Optional files for E3 Appearance:
1. E3 V (Mesh model and Textures) - E3 Wearable Face Final  (

2. Hats are Hairs ( This mod will make you headless unless you equip a set of glasses (to make the face visible) and a hat (to make the hair visible). Pick the number associated with your hairstyle. Only 20 hairstyles are included. This mod will use a fixed color for every hairstyle, not the hair color your chose in the character customiser. Picking hairstlye 1 from this mod (hairstyle 1) will use pink (color 15). Different hairstyles from this mod use different colors. If you want to replace this color with another, use the next mod.

3. Ombre Hair Color Pack ( choose your desired color and select the number that will replace another color. For example, pink is number 15 and used by hairstyle 1 in the 'Hats are Hairs' mod. Different hairstyles from the 'Hats are Hairs' will use different colors. See the color table for associated numbers so you know which ones to replace (

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Delete basegame_teste3hair_3.archive from the mod folder.