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New eye colors and eye textures! Also, some other eye related things like the ~round glasses~ without the earrings!

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I was experimenting with some eye colors and figured I'd share a few of them.
Drop the replacement files into the following path: Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod
As of quite a few patches ago, there is no longer a need for the "patch" folder. Installing mods into this location will render them useless. (Sorry for not updating the description with this information and causing confusion by keeping it the same)
If you do not have the "mod" folder just create one :)
Example:Let's say you want to replace all the eye colors. For every base eye color (10-18) you pick the color I made that you want as a replacement and drop it into the path mentioned above. All vanilla eye colors have every color I made for them. If you wanted to, you could have the color "Melissa" replace every single vanilla eye color.

The main file is not a texture replacer. 
The main files replace gradient files by editing hex code. In other words, this changes the colors only. As of patch 2.0, I have created color replacements for every eye color in the game (with the exception of cybernetic eyes). The numbers next to the vanilla color name are the corresponding numbers in Cybercat. I now have 4 eye textures that replace the original eye mask. The first eye texture was made by Gabriel Mailhot. Eye masks 2-4 are made by me. 

Future stuff (green text is what I'm currently working on):
-More colors
-More eye textures