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This mod hides the distant 2D car LODs.

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The distant 2D car LODs are fine in some situations, but they look ugly in others. For example, you'll see them constantly around the Badlands, which makes little sense. So far there's no way to hide them directly in the Badlands, so this mod hides them entirely from the game. Consider it an experimental trade-off. Some distant views of Night City, especially at dark times of day may look a little strange without them. 2D pedestrian LODs are also gone with this mod, but I've never seen much of them in general.

To install, drop the "archive" folder onto your Cyberpunk 2077 install folder.

To reiterate, consider this experimental. You shouldn't run into problems, but it isn't impossible. The distant cars aren't disabled, just hidden. They still render, but are invisible.

Forgive my terrible image editing skills. It hopefully gets the point across.