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All adverts in 4K quality

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“ If my description of "mod" is not accurate enough, please see the picture examples ”
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Feature Description:

The game itself has three kinds of image files
according to the normal logic of the game will be based on the computer's configuration and monitor resolution automatically select the appropriate image quality
but in practice there will still be 720p image quality
this mod will be the game of all the image files of the image quality are adjusted to 2160p!

Compatibility Notes:

This mod edits the following files.
so other mods that have used the following files will not be compatible.

"Modified all the .inkatlas files in the abydos folder, about a hundred and thirty or so"

About installation:

Please check the "Requirements" section of the page first.
If you use "Vortex" to manage Mods, it will be deployed automatically after you download it using "Vortex" on the usage file page.
If you are using manual installation, drop the contents of the zip to the Cyberpunk 2077 root folder.

About uninstallation:

If you are using "Vortex" to manage your Mods, please disable or uninstall the Mods directly in the software.
If you are using "Manual Installation" please follow the instructions below.
Delete the "XXXXXXXXX(My Files name).archive" file from the "Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod" folder.

Supported game versions:

Only the latest version of the game "2.12" is supported. My mods is only tested on the latest version of the game, any bugs caused by running a version other than "2.12" cannot be fixed by me!

About Bugs:

If you encounter any bugs, please check it out by yourself, including uninstalling the mods and then using a relatively clean archive that is not affected by the mods. You can also deactivate or uninstall all other mods, and compare the test with only this mods,  If the test result is confirmed to be the problem of this mods, please leave a message or report the bug, I will deal with it as soon as possible!


I would like to thank the "WolvenKit" development team and all the compilers on the "Cyberpunk 2077 modding wiki" page for all the basics of creating mods that are explained there, without their selfless efforts, I would not have these mods.

At first I was just an ordinary gamer, I first came into contact with "WolvenKit" when I was doing translations of other mods, and I didn't even know how to unpack the module files at that time. ...... I posted a post to ask for help from "Mrstarman59" told me that I need to use the "Convert to json" function before editing the file to convert it to a normal "json" file, which opened the door for me to create the game mods. Thanks again for the reminder!

After unpacking the game with "WolvenKit", I saw all the files about building a cyberpunk game world, and for the first time I found the charm of game design and construction, so I devoted myself to creating "mods",But because of my poor English, my progress has been very slow, and until recently I've only briefly read through the pages of the "Cyberpunk 2077 modding wiki".

My "mods" progress is very slow, because I'm a person who relies on translations for my English knowledge, and I don't have any coding knowledge, and all of the English on this page comes from a translator, but that's not the point.

The point is that I really like the game Cyberpunk 2077 and the atmosphere of the "Nexusmods" community, so I'm going to share my "mods" here, My small goal is to make a "Hot mods" that will be on the front page. If my mods are helpful to you, I hope you can give me more encouragement to make my mods on "Hot Mods", thanks!