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Replaces various clothing pieces with a Cyber Ninja, Max Tac, Militech, Border Patrol, Kang Tao, Arasaka Sniper, and an Elite Arasaka Soldier appearance.

Permissions and credits
Update 5.11:
  • Removed the standard military boots without any extras (pouches,belts,etc.) from the Max Tac, Arasaka Elite, and Kang Tao folders. I instead made an optional file where these boots are now contained. The reason I did this is before, one single color variant would replace and entire mesh and all the variants of a completely different shoe. What it now does is changes all the color variants of the military boots you can already get in game to every one I used before, plus two new ones. Even though these boots are labeled "boot_military" in the files, CDPR only ever allowed you to get the awful overly bright color versions instead of the actual military looking colors. Check the images for the two new colors. More info on how to obtain these is included in the txt file with the mod.
  • Made some minor changes to file names and the txt files.  

Update 5.1:

  • Made the Ninja Mask and Oda's Mask bigger overall, more so from front to back. I tried to make it so it still looks reasonably sized and not too big. Doing this fixed all clipping with V's head most notably around the ears and back of the head. 
  • Fixed the Arasaka Sniper's Balaclava not appearing when equipping the correct item. Unfortunately the boots now clip with the pants, but that seems to be a new problem that CDPR introduced. Before some pants would cover shoes without them clipping through, but on most of the pants now any shoe can clip through. I also noticed that the NPC Snipers have this issue. 
  • Changed the naming structure for all files. They should be more organized now when putting them in your mod folder. I also tried to make the txt files less confusing when deciding on which gear you want to use.  

* gunnarr810 has sent me an amazing Arasaka Infantry appearance that they created and wanted to share. It's meant to be identical to NPCs you'll encounter in game. All credit goes to them. This has been updated to include lights on the goggles and gunnarr810 also created a red and white version. Check the photos for more details. Txt file with the replaced items and more photos are included in the zip file. 

* The goal I have made this with is that you could have the Cyber Ninja, Max Tac, Arasaka Elite/Kang Tao, and the Arasaka Sniper installed all at once. I also use the Ninja Gloves that replace Mantis Blades, the Arasaka Elite Gloves which replace Gorilla Arms, and Aanderz Arasaka Cyberarms that replace Monowire, so glove options don't really need to be changed very often either.

With each download is a txt file that is included. In this txt file is a list of clothing item categories that this gear replaces. With Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET) you can add these to your inventory by typing in these commands from the txt file into the console you can bring up in game.

1. Extract files to "Cyberpunk\2077\archive\pc\mod" if the mod folder doesn't exist create one

1. Remove desired files from the mod folder

1. Some obstructions in first person.
2. Some clipping and texture issues. 
3. Some obstruction of your view when swimming (unequipping whatever torso item your wearing will fix it)

rfuzzo for CP77 Tools.
ErebusEquity for improving and reducing mask clipping.
gunnarr810 for helping me with ideas to improve my mod and creating the Arasaka Infantry soldier to be host here.