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Replaces various clothing pieces with a Cyber Ninja, Max Tac, Militech, Border Patrol, Kang Tao, Arasaka Sniper, and an Elite Arasaka Soldier appearance.

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Update 5.0: - This will most likely be the final update for this mod. Unless some major improvements specifically for first person view are discovered, it is unlikely much will change going forward. With that said the following are the list of changes. There were quite a few for this update. 

  • Arasaka Cyber Ninja
  1. Changed the vest with shoulder pads to replace Vest_03 instead of Vest_04. This was due to submeshes missing on the shoulder pads.
  2. Changed the files for the gloves. There is now GorillaGloves which gives the black finger tips with the fingerless gloves and replaces Gorilla Arms. MantisGloves which replace Mantis Blades and are the standard fingerless option. Then there is AlwaysOn gloves which are always equipped (I don't recommend using cyberware arms with this version, unless you are also using the GorillaGloves or MantisGloves). In some cases you may want to have both Male and Female Glove options installed to reduce clipping.
  3. I would recommend using the Mantis Gloves with Aanderz Arasaka Blade Library, to reduce the clipping from the mechanisms when using Mantis Blades. 

  • Max Tac
  1. Removed the belt for the face slot and torso slot due to first person issues.
  2. Gloves are now the light blue ones that Max Tac soldiers use. Refer to the Arasaka Cyber Ninja for the changes made for gloves as the information above is the same changes that were made here.
  3. There is also a sleeved gloves option for males.
  4. A boots, belt, and holster option has been added.
  5. For males a belt option has been added for use with the Max Tac Vest, due to the default option having clipping issues. The female belt works well with or without the vest, so only one option is needed.
  6. Adjusted overall clipping with the belt, baton, and the holster to better fit the player.

  • Arasaka Elite
  1. There were several changes that were made here, so many that I feel it would make this list too long. To summarize several files were changed around to provide better looking options and to give you the ability to look closer to certain NPCs using this gear.
  2. Pouch positions were adjusted, several clipping issues were addressed, and several new options were added. Check the pictures for more details.

  • Arasaka Sniper
  1. Changed the head item to now be Balaclava and Radio. This prevents the radio from obstructing your view in first person.
  2. The goggles size and positioning has been adjusted.
  3. The boots have been changed to the correct ones the NPCs use.
  4. There is now a CyberHands option that replaces Mantis Blades. The only downside is the mesh file for these hands are not long enough, so there is floating gap at the V's elbow. So I would recommend only using these with long sleeves. 
  5. If you go with the sleeveless version I recommend using Aanderz Arasaka CyberArms.
  6. Added a White Sniper option.
  7. Corrected the back pouch, so it is now the right version.

  • Border Patrol
  1. Updated the helmet to now have the open cage option with sunglasses on.
  2. Changed around file options. Balaclava and vest are now in the headslot and the outer torso slot uses the bolero jacket with new options.

  • Militech
  1. Changed around file options. Balaclava and vest are now in the headslot and the outer torso slot uses the bolero jacket with new options.

  • Kang Tao
  1. Adjusted the red pouch and back pouch positioning.
  2. Changed the red pouch to the proper Kang Tao one.

  • Oda Gear
  1. Various clipping and adjustments made.

  • Max Tac Officer
  1. This is similar to what gunnar810 did with the Arasaka Infantry Soldier. The options are limited and it isn't really compatible with the other replacements. It allows you to look very close to the NPC male Max Tac officers. Check the included txt file and pictures for more details.

* I am removing the console commands from the description area since all this information is included in the txt files for each mod.

* gunnarr810 has sent me an amazing Arasaka Infantry appearance that they created and wanted to share. It's meant to be identical to NPCs you'll encounter in game. All credit goes to them. This has been updated to include lights on the goggles and gunnarr810 also created a red and white version. Check the photos for more details. Txt file with the replaced items and more photos are included in the zip file. 

* The goal I have made this with is that you could have the Cyber Ninja, Max Tac, Arasaka Elite/Kang Tao, and the Arasaka Sniper installed all at once. I also use the Ninja Gloves that replace Mantis Blades, the Arasaka Elite Gloves which replace Gorilla Arms, and Aanderz Arasaka Cyberarms that replace Monowire, so glove options don't really need to be changed very often either.

With each download is a txt file that is included. In this txt file is a list of clothing item categories that this gear replaces. With Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET) you can add these to your inventory by typing in these commands from the txt file into the console you can bring up in game.

1. Extract files to "Cyberpunk\2077\archive\pc\patch" if the patch folder doesn't exist create one

1. Remove desired files from the patch folder

1. Some obstructions in first person.
2. Some clipping and texture issues. 

rfuzzo for CP77 Tools.
ErebusEquity for improving and reducing mask clipping.
gunnarr810 for helping me with ideas to improve my mod and creating the Arasaka Infantry soldier to be host here.