Counter-Strike- Global Offensive
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This is a mod for CSGO that has the sole purpose to even out the weapons, and make them all viable in their rights.

Permissions and credits
Go to the directory of your install of CS:GO - typically c:/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/counter-strike global offensive/
Inside the subfolder "csgo", create a new folder and call it addons.
Put the .vpk file inside there. 
When you start up the game, it creates a file called addonlist.txt (located in the csgo subfolder), and to turn the mod on/off simply change the digit in the text file to either a 1 or 0
See the video below for a more in-depth description on how to install/uninstall

Basically do the same steps as in the install guide, but in reverse. 
Go to the game directory, open the addons folder and just simply delete the .vpk file that corresponds to the mod. 
You can also delete the addonlist.txt file if this is your only mod, and wish to remove it completely.

Note: Do not attempt to use this on an official Valve server! - You will most certainly be kicked, or if you somehow manage to join the game, you could get a VAC-ban!

Create a local game server by clicking the big Play-button at the top-bar in the main menu 
Select "Play with friends" or "Offline with bots" to host a local server (the latter being for testing purposes, or if you wish to only play against bots)
If you choose to play with friends, you must use a workshop map in order to host a local server. Fortunately it's just a matter of selecting "workshop" under game settings (the cog-wheel near the bottom of the lobby screen) - Select map from there.
Download any map you want from the Steam Workshop - you will get directed to the Workshop page if you click the View Workshop-button (found in the map selection menu, under the workshop tab). 
Disclaimer: I have not been able to playtest this mod myself, so I don't know whether or not the mod downloads automatically for players that join your game. 

A more in-depth tutorial on how to set up a server can be found in the pictures section of the mod

All right.. The current state of CS:GO is that only certain weapons has a purpose in gameplay, with many of the less used guns being either underpowered or overpriced for what they are. 
I have, based on my time spent playing this game found the strenghts and weaknesses for each individual weapon, and tweaked them accordingly. 

For instance, the PP-Bizon was almost unused due to the poor damage output against armored enemies (which occur in almost every competitive round)
I've boosted damage, armor penetration and rate of fire to make it better at close range (which is what you should use a submachine gun for)

The goal was to make every weapon viable in competitive play.. 

A more detailed tutorial on how to install/uninstall the mod can be found here - Credits to 3kliksphilip for making a video on the topic

*Known issues*
Due to me being new to modding Source-titles, I've been unable to find the files that shows the stats of the later added weapons (USP-S, M4A1-S, CZ-75 Auto and R8 Revolver) - And all those weapons are per now unchanged or shares stats with other guns, so any feedback would be much appreciated
However, some "hidden" changes to the M4A1-S has put the damage and armor penetration values through the roof