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Hi all, this is a single player mod that improves by far the features of the nanosuit compared to the original (despite i've tried to keep some balance), includes more attachments for each weapon and adds 4 extra perks.

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This is a mod i published way back in 2011 on the crydev website. Since this site was shut down a few years ago and my hard drive broke i've been unable to upload it elsewhere. But recently i managed to get my hands back on it, here's the original post i did on the crydev site:


- Sightly increased default speed.
- Highly Increased sprint speed.
- Huge power jump.
- Reduced energy consuption of sprint.
- Increased melee strenght and damage.
- Reduced energy cost of power melee, power throw, power kick and air stomp.
- Energy overload cost is reduced to the half.
- Enhanced armor protection and consuption (now the energy recharges in armor mode if you stand still).
- Stealth cloak consuption sigthly reduced (the energy recharges while cloaked if you stand still).
- No energy cost for nanovision.
- Stronger air stomp.
- The weapons have more attachments.
- Added perks: weapon pro, aim enhance, rapid fire and spread enhance.
- Some minor changes on some weapons.

New features in v1.1 update:

- Now you can carry 4 weapons.
- Fy71 included in the arsenal, with all attachments fully working.
- Some balance changes on the nanosuit.
- Balance tweaks to the perks "mobility enhance", "armor enhance" and "cloak enhance".
- Stronger air stomp than before (in v1.0).
- Some changes in some weapons: more ammo capacity, changed ext clip capacity, improved fov on assault scopes (feline, scarab, fy71), etc.
- Now the Ay69 has a silencer.
- Extended ammunition capacity for the gauss attachment, light shotgun attachment and grenade launcher attachment.
- Some attachments for certain weapons have been removed (bugs).
- Solved the issue where the scarab had an additional fire mode of "only melee".
- Improved the strenght of the power kick against cars ( not destroyed cars) (Thanks to wootwoots)

New features in version 1.15

- Balance changes on the nanosuit (now the perks mobility, armor and stealth enhance fulfil their functions).
- Now the crates give you ammo for the hologram.
- I've tweaked the assault scope and now it has an extra zoom stage (as the sniper) so now you can snipe with all weapons  (tap v).
- Fixed the sensitivity of the assault scope for every weapon, it's much more fluid and easy to aim with it now.

New features in version 1.3

- Final balance tweaks for the nanosuit.
- Improved assault scope sensitivity.
- Some weapons bugs fixed (including the mk60 issue with reflex sight).
- Some minor weapons tweaks.

Installation: place the Ultra_nanosuit folder on the Mods folder of the game, run the game and select it on the mods manager.

Note: You must start a new game ( i recommend to create a new profile for it) to let all the changes apply (new perks). If you already had started a new game with this mod then you only have to restart any level of that campaign. The fy71 is loaded on any level when you restart it.