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Gives you the voice of the Nanosuit 2 along with a few extras.

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Ever wanted the voice of the Nanosuit 2 in Crysis 1?

Well, look no further.

The idea came to me while I was playing with the Nanosuit 2 skin for Crysis 1. I suddenly thought, what if it had the voice as well?

Thus, began the creation of this mod. But once I'd done all the suit functions I thought, why stop there? And so a new idea came to me... what if the Nanosuit also talked throughout the story, like it does in Crysis 2?

And so after several hours of audio editing, and testing, here it is!

Mod obviously includes the basic functions like Armor, Cloak, Strength, Speed and Energy Critical.
Unfortunately, when you engage speed mode, it says "Maximum Power" rather than Speed. Reason for that is that despite my best efforts, I just couldn't get it to say that in a way that sounded good. Whenever I tried, it would always sound like it was clearly spliced together, and I didn't want that. The idea was to make it sound like it wasn't custom made. So Speed is substituted with Power I'm afraid.
To be fair though, in Crysis 2 speed and strength are both in the Power category, so it seems appropriate.

Now Strength I'm happy to say is included. Even though that is under Maximum Power in Crysis 2, I was able to make the audio file by combining two audio files together.
One of the many files had the Nanosuit saying the word "Strength" and because of the way it was said, when I combined it with Maximum, the two blended together perfectly to the point where you'd never guess it was custom made unless you were told.

Apart from those two, all others are genuine. There was even an audio file where the suit says "Energy Critical" despite it not being used in the second game.

Only thing that's missing is Night Vision. There is an audio file where the suit says "Night Vision Enabled" but unfortunately, I only know how to replace character audio files, not sound effects because they're .fsb formats. So if there's anyone who knows how to mod actual sound effect, I would appreciate your help because I would love to include that bit.

But it doesn't stop there though! There's more. In addition to including the suit functions, this mod also has the Nanosuit speak at various points throughout the story. It won't say objectives like it does in Crysis 2, but it does say things like "Objectives Updated" or "Field Scan Complete"
Mostly to just make it feel more like the Nanosuit 2 and to make it fell like the suit is reacting to events and situations in the story. I will admit there may be some bits that sound like Nomad and the suit are just repeating each other, but I think I still sounds cool.
The suit will speak in all levels, with each one having unique dialogue for certain bits, along with some commonly reused lines where necessary. There are also a few rare instances where the suit will talk instead of Nomad. I even made a few custom made ones, for specific parts as well just to really add a bit more to the mod.
(There might even be some other additions you notice that I haven't mentioned. See if you can find them.)Now I am aware there are some people who might want just the suit function and would rather the suit didn't talk throughout the story. So I took this into account and saved people the trouble of asking.

The download contains 5 files in one pack. They are labeled "Basic" "Story" & "Full" Two also have WARHEAD in the title to show they are meant for that game.

The Basic version contains the suit functions only, like Strength, Armor, Speed and so on.

The Story versions contain only the story files, which means the Nanosuit 2's voice will only speak during the story. This is ideally intended for those who like the idea of the suit speaking throughout the story, but are maybe using other voice mods for the suit functions.

And the Full Version... well the name pretty much makes it obvious. It contains both Basic & Story merged into one file.

(The Basic Version can be used for both Crysis & Crysis Warhead, hence why there's only one of that)

Installation is perfectly simple, simply select any of the 3 files that you want and copy them into your Crysis/Game folder. Also make sure to set your suit voice to Male as the mod replaces that version only.

13/11/15 UPDATE: Added Warhead Story version.

2018: Added a few new extra lines to both games and also replaced a few existing ones that I felt didn't sound right.