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Removes the Ichor cost from gifts that use health.

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I've never been a fan of abilities in games that cost multiple different resources. 90% of the time it feels like they're far too expensive for the effect, and code vein is no exception. I made this mod specifically because of one ability: Supernatural Blood, with the mindset "Dark Sacrifice doesn't cost Ichor, why should this?", and I later decided to just edit the others because why the fuck not.

This mod currently edits Supernatural Blood, Red Shoes, Restorative Offering, and Auto Heal. They're each in separate packages (except for the healing spells, which are all together) so you can personally choose which ones you want or what seems balanced/unbalanced to you.

I've had some issues with Guardian's Aid (Astrea) and Sympathetic Boon (Eos), so they're not included in the mod as of yet. For the former, when I tried editing it I ended up deleting the name somehow, and I can't figure out the pointer for the latter so if anyone could tell me that I could add it in.