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Allows players to adventure with multiple companions. Note this is a WIP, so expect bugs if there is any.

Permissions and credits
Randomizer Compatibility

  • Install the RandomizerComp pak first   RandomizerMod
  • Install the PartySpawnerComp pak

  • Finally install the JukeBoxmod pak.


  • Create a folder called ~mods in Steam\steamapps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks\
  • if you don't have one

  • Put the .pak file in there.

  • To uninstall, remove the pak file.

    • Selecting any partner with LOST/ANOTHER in their names without being at the latest game patch.

    • Selecting White Mia without having the preorder (unlikely)

    • if you don't see the statue but do not see a glow near Davis's Jukebox, that means you have a mod that is not compatible with this mod.

      • PVP


  1. Fully functional UI (currently lacking polish and sound)

  2. The ability to choose up to seven extra companions to adventure with

  3. The Ability to Change Hotkeys of mod functions


  • M - Use this when a companion dies and AFTER the hp bar has disappeared to fix companions doing nothing.

    • Can be looped at an interval of your choice up to 8 seconds (estimated time it takes a for a hp bar to disappear)

    • Companion HP bar will appear full until he takes damage.

  • Enable Marksman Challenge (Not yet implemented) - barricades each "loading tunnel" with lines of ranged enemies with increasing difficulty

    • It is timed with the time you take to pass through saved per game instance and displayed.

    • You will be provided with various points of walls as means of getting closer to the line of marksman

  • Increase Difficulty (Not Yet Implemented) - adjusts story boss difficulty depending on every 2 extra companions you have, introducing them in the form of ADDS, new mechanics, increased stats, or enhanced native mechanics.

  • New Game Level - Used in the above option to accurately up to NG+ to gauge Boss Health for mechanical purposes

Switcher Menu

  • Click on the icon to switch your main companion to the desired one. This will change communal gift and the companion status side bar. The active companion icon will have glowing red eyes.

How to Select Party Members

  1. Go to the statue 
    • You must be facing the statue and be near it, then press the associated hotkey.

Major Changes from the Alpha Test Version

  • Testing Commands Removed

  • You can no longer switch companions at any location, you must go back to home base to do it.

  • Mod indicators removed (No More Annoying Visuals, YAY)

  • Party availability is now based on story (Whether or not they exist in home base)  To get IO while in the beginning of NG+, make her your main buddy while adventuring at least once.

  • Party Spawning/Destruction is now automatic.

  • Few major bug fixes including cinematic crash (most likely)

Current Bug and Issues

  • Most companion abilities will only affect your "real" main buddy (unfixable for now)

  • Invisibility visual effect only affects you and your main buddy (possibly fixable) but enemies will still see all as if invisible

  • Main buddy sound volume may be muffed when using switch or fix (possibly fixable)

  • Main companion may not always play communal gift animation (currently unfixable)


  • Mattatatta and superSI_ICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC among others for testing the alpha version

  • Big Thanks to skacikpl for his tool, IV DRIP

  • Shift for providing pretty most of the textures for the UI

  • The modding discord for their guides.