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This mod replaces Mia with Rin, so you can finally take Rin with you when you go out of base!

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Replaces Mia with Rin Murasame.

Basic version:
-The same look as Rin in base, except those big pockets on her legs.
-Skeleton is adjusted to keep Rin's proportions and movement (it's not exact, but I've made her looks as close to original as possible).
-Face expressions work normally.
-In the cutscenes will be normal Mia (I think it's better for the story).

Enhanced version (coming soon):
I plan to change her hair and clothes a bit to avoid some clipping when she turns head, smooth textures in her chest area and slightly remake her chest... and maybe remove even those small pockets too, i'll decide when I see how it looks in game.

Replacement of original Rin with Mia (to avoid having 2 Rins in base) - planned after I finish "enhanced version"

WARNING: this mod works only with normal Mia and will totally break White Mia, because she uses mostly the same textures as normal Mia I can't adjust those (if I did, Mia in cutscenes would be broken)
No idea what will it do with DLC Mia or any other Mias that will be made in the future, most likely they will stay without any change, but if they're broken, just don't use them...