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This mod replaces Mia with Rin, so you can finally take Rin with you when you go out of base!

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Latest version (still needs some testing):
-Swaps Mia and Rin Murasame, also in cinematics.
-You can choose Rin version - with or without mask.
-Looks of Rin are the same as in enhanced version described below in "Old versions"
-looks of Mia are from Amy Sorel Outfit, which I slightly adjusted, original mod was made by Stealthunt3r and it is available here:

Thanks to Stealthunt3r for allowing me to use content of his mod.

Old versions:

Basic version:
-The same look as Rin in base, except those big pockets on her legs.
-Skeleton is adjusted to keep Rin's proportions and movement (it's not exact, but I've made her looks as close to original as possible).
-Face expressions work normally.
-In the cutscenes will be normal Mia.

Enhanced version (coming soon):
-softer shadows in the chest area
-slightly changed chest
-reduced clipping between hair and jacket (it remains while walking because of PPAB animation)
-changed color of socks (or whatever it is) on the inner part of her boots

WARNING: this mod works only with normal Mia and will totally break White Mia
No idea what will it do with DLC Mia or any other Mias that will be made in the future, most likely they will stay without any change, but if they're broken, just don't use them...