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Brand new end game explorable dungeon with custom made gimmicks.

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This means the level is not finished (and it may never be finished), expect bugs, rough edges and possible changes to already existing segments.
Current playable content rating stands between 25 to 35 minutes.
This is a brand new custom level project that adds an explorable dungeon with end-game scaled enemies. Due to technical limitations i opted to create my own gimmicks and level mechanics rather than attempt to reuse some of the existing ones.

Questions and Answers:
Q: So this is pretty much like some sort of beta early access?
A: Yes, except it's free.

Q: Is there any benefit to playing it in its current state?
A: For average user - no, the purpose of playing this early version is to test the general flow of the level, give feedback and report issues.

Q: Is there any benefit to playing custom levels at all? Can i grind items, level up or get anything i can carry out of the level?
A: No, the game doesn't save outside default main game level, you enter it with what you had before loading the level and your progress within the custom level is not carried over to the main game.

Q: Will this level be further built upon from the initial release?
A: That's the plan, however depending on community (and my personal) interest i may abandon the project at any point.

Q: So who is the target audience of this mod?
A: If you like the game and its mechanics but are getting sick of existing areas then you can give this a try.

Q: Do i risk anything by running this mod?
A: No, game doesn't save in custom levels. Beyond that standard risk of running mods applies (which is none at the moment but is subject to change without any notice in advance depending on how Bandai sees mods).

Q: Why is the progress so slow?
A: I'm working on this in my free time / I'm not an infinite source of ideas / Building lighting for the level takes upwards of an hour and packaging takes another 15 minutes.

Q: Why is it so rough?
A: Because i can only interface with the game on engine level and spawn its stuff without changing its properties, meaning no mistle teleports, screen fades, levers and other interactive or game logic stuff that requires a setup like coop.

Q: Why is it so dark?
A: Dark environments are generally more forgiving in terms of what you can do with limited time and assets as it's less likely for You to notice repeated assets, misaligned textures, holes in the level and such.

Q: When the mod will be considered "finished"?
A: Whenever i get bored with it or decide there's no more audience for it OR i reach approximately an hour worth of playable content - whichever comes first.

Get the .pak file from the .zip file, drop it into your steamapps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks folder, if you already have file named pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_1_P.pak in this folder then rename the mod to next available number, for example: pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_2_P.pak.

After installing the mod, open game and load a save. After you're loaded in, go to the home base and enter the basement then stand on the yellow light and press Your interaction key to go to the Crypt Spire Dungeon.

  • Getting into "canned animations" (Parry/Backstab) disables player gravity and collision which in case of being on a moving platform like a vertical elevator means you'll either float as it goes down or phase through it as it goes up. This is a game bug which i cannot fix without resigning from having the elevator or enemies around it.

If you wish to show appreciation to my work, you can drop a donation.
You can contact me through one of those channels:

My Nexus Mods profile page
My Steam profile
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