Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

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Were you disappointed with the low effort upscales present in this Chrono Cross remaster? Do you feel like you're better than that? Well this is for all of you graphics snobs out there. I decided not to hold back, and probably put too much effort into it.

Permissions and credits
Thanks to this game's mod community, I'm able to bring you my completely overdone A.I. Upscale. Every FMV has been significantly upscaled. 

Big thanks to Tom Heartbreakz for spending the time on converting this mod to work on Nintendo Switch. This was a tricky process, and I'm happy to know that the players on Switch will be able to experience these upscales.

Installing is almost idiot proof (PC Version)

1. Unzip "movie.7z" with 7-zip

2. Go to your game's directory, open the data folder, and find movie.dat
(Chrono Cross - The Radical Dreamers Edition\data\movie.dat)

3. Rename your movie.dat to " movie.dat.backup "
(Now you have a backup of the original FMV's)

4. Take the movie.dat, that you just downloaded, and place it in your data folder.

Now you should have the upscaled FMV's installed.

How to install Switch Version

You must have CFW on your Switch. If you're able to do that, then you'll know how to navigate to your SD card's files.

1. Navigate to SDCARD:\atmosphere\contents\0100AC20128AC001\romfs\data\movie
(Create those folders if they don't exist)

2. Drag over the files from the "Upscales" folder into the "movie" folder from your SD card. Replace any files if necessary.

3. You're done