Chained Echoes
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Randomized gameplay experience and harder difficulty for a challenge

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Some of the core gameplay elements of Chained Echoes get randomized and altered. Randomization can be configured via text file.


  • More testing should be done because not all characters work well with every skill.
  • Game may be unstable and save games may be corrupted. Please back up your saves before using this mod.
  • Seed can be changed using the randomizerSeed.txt file that is created upon opening the game.

Config file

Two files are created when first opening the game with the mod enabled. The random seed is stored on randomizerSeed.txt and there are some options on randomizerOptions.txt. Here's what you can change:

RandomizeCharacterStats=1 - Makes all the characters' stat averaged
RandomizeCharacterStatProgression=1 - All characters have new stat focus. Stats are ranked C, B, A and S. The amount can be configured.
RandomizeCharacterStatBoosts=1 - Randomizes character stat boosts with the values that are specified in the following options (core being Atk, Mag, Def and Mnd). This boosts favor higher ranked stats.
RandomizeCharacterEquipment=1 - Shuffles characters' weapon types. Kylian gets a random one. Armor gets randomized as well.
RandomizeCharacterPassives=1 - Randomizes characters' passives.
RandomizeCharacterSkills=1 - Shuffles characters' skills.
RandomizeMechSkills=1 - Shuffles Sky Armors' skills
RandomizeMechStatBoosts=1 - Randomizes Sky Amors' stats gained through proficiencies
RandomizeEmblemStats=1 - Randomizes the stat boosts given by emblems
RandomizeEmblemSkills=1 - Randomizes emblems' skills
RandomizeEmblemPassives=1 - Randomizes emblems' passives
RandomizeChests=1 - Randomizes chests. Key items are not randomized. Chests contain similar tiered items.
RandomizeEnemyStats=1 - Shuffles enemies' Atk, Mag, Def and Mnd and applies configured multiplier. Enemy resistances are randomized between 100 and -100.
RandomizeEnemyDrops=1 - Randomizes drops and steals as configured below.
AddTier1Weapons=1 - Adds new tier 1 weapons for all the types that don't have it. This prevents overpowered characters early in the game.


0.4 - Skills are now emptied and the skill menu is available from the start of the game. Bugfixes.
0.3 - Tomke now uses regular skill progression. Unused RAM no longer appear in chests. Battle animations always despawn after 10 seconds. Bugfixes.
0.2 - Added config options and tier 1 weapons
0.1 - Initial release