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This mod allows you to randomize the enemies in the game into other enemies or even bosses.

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Detailed installation instructions can be found here.
This mod requires you to install Unity Mod Manager.


The main feature of this mod is the ability to randomize every enemy in the game into either any other enemy or a boss. 
There are a lot of customization options in the settings for specifying what enemies are allowed to turn into and the chance they have of doing so. I'll explain these settings below.

Allow Enemies to become Worms - This toggle allows you to remove the worms from the pool of available enemies to randomize into. You can also enable / disable specific worms if there's a particular one you want to remove from the pool.

Allow Enemies to become Bosses and Allow Enemies to become Large Bosses work the same way as the worm toggles.

Killing bosses triggers level finish - The bosses and large bosses pretty much all have a trigger on death to make the level end. The only exceptions to this are the Satan boss and the Large Alien Worm. So by default when you spawn them in other levels, they can be killed to end the level early. If you feel that makes the game too easy you can disable it, I think it's pretty funny though.

Enable Satan Death Field - Normally after you kill second-stage satan, his head floats up in the air, and then you walk into a cutscene which triggers his death field to start expanding. Since there's no cutscene trigger he doesn't spawn a death field by default when you kill him in other levels but I went ahead and added this option which will have him start his deathfield immediately after his head stops moving for some extra chaos.

Enable Summoned Enemy Randomization - If you have enemy randomization turned on, that will randomize all the enemies that start on the map, but any enemies which are summoned by either parachute, doors, trucks, or other enemies such as the warlocks and boomers, will not be randomized. This option will allow you to have those enemies be randomized as well

Randomized Enemy Percent - This is the percent chance for any enemy to be randomized. This applies to summoned enemies as well. This doesn't determine what they are going to turn into, just that they will be randomized. The other slides determine the chance they have of turning into a specific enemy type.

Normal Enemy Chance - This is the chance for an enemy to turn into any form of mook, alien, or hell enemy. This isn't exactly a percent, it basically determines the ratio of Normal Enemies to Worms to Bosses to Large bosses.

Worm Chance - This is the chance for an enemy to turn into one of the various types of Worms, not including the Worm boss however.

Boss Chance - This is the chance for an enemy to turn into a Boss. This category is separated from the Large Bosses because the Large Bosses are so big they typically don't really fit into the space that a normal enemy would fit into, so they can act a little glitchy when they are crammed into spaces.

Large Boss Chance - This is the chance for an enemy to turn into a Large Boss.

Here's what the game looks like with the mod installed, if this looks chaotic remember that you can adjust the settings to make it less difficult.

The source code for this mod along with all my other ones can be found here.