Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
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Everyone loves the gib editor, but for certain things like Golden Keys or Badass Ranks you will need an external editor. This tool provides you with multiple features to make your game just that much more fun.

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NOTE:  Some anti-virus programs have been flagging this utility with a false positive.  It seems that the combination of an .exe with a .dll causes the issue.  However, this file is perfectly safe.  It has been scanned with Virus Total (67 a/v utilities) and by several staff members.  ~Jannifer, Nexus Moderator

Upon searching the internet for a tool to modify my game values, I found 0 tutorials and only a single tool. For the community of nexusmods, I present to you the Borderlands Profile Editor

  • Badass Ranks ☑
  • Badass Tokens ☑
  • Golden Keys ☑
  • Max Health ☑
  • Shield Capacity ☑ 
  • Shield Recharge Delay ☑
  • Shield Recharge Rate ☑
  • Melee Damage ☑
  • Customizations ☑ 
  • Your love life ☒
  • Your gameplay experience and a lot more ☑
  • A working copy of Borderlands 2 or The Pre-Sequel (both work)
  • A functioning computer
  • A brain
  • Extract the .exe and .dll from the WinRaR
  • Run the .exe file and navigate to profile.bin
  • Open the file and modify values as you want
  • Save the file by overwriting the old one
  • Reload the game to initialize the new Badassitude of your character

● WINDOWS ▷ MyDocuments/MyGames/Borderlands2/Willowgame/SaveData/*custom_number_here*/
● OS X  ▷ Users/MYNAME/Library/Application Support/Borderlands 2/WillowGame/SaveData/*custom_number_here*/
   F.A.Q & INFO
Q. Will I get banned ?
A. No, the program simply modifies the files of a text file. Tested on official versions of the steam game.

Q. Does this work for Borderlands 2/TPS ?
A. Yes, the formatting of the profile.bin hasn't changed - so it works just fine.

Q. Does it blend?
A. Sadly, no.

MD5: 293324FDD96DF9AF509CF762E5BDC9D8
SHA1: 9CBBFBAFCDAA0825003C7A16A64B86357D7E1731

SHA1: 2988CE1346665B199B31BA42A69F96EE89032E4D

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MD5: 4da1d7aae71b9e8c1a471d4c4351d735
SHA1: 8651051518e4f50cc8a5c57458df965c0ae56bf7812ac7e5983a77aebcdb203b
  • Creator Philymast3r(se7ensins forums) with Thanks to C0MA, Fairchild, Feudalnate, Pclifford
  • Borderlands: 2K Games, Telltale Games, Aspyr Media, Gearbox Software, 
  • Iron Galaxy, 2K Australia(Ceased 15/04/2015), Demiurge Studios
  • Nexus Mods for hosting and being an awesome community.