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A ReShade preset that aims to provide a crisp and clean image.
And a seperate one with Ray Traced Global Ilumination if you want. :)

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Slider Comparison for the non-RTGI preset:

Download ReShade
Double click, navigate to Epic Games\Borderlands3\OakGame\Binaries\Win64 and select the Borderland3.exe in there. 
Select Direct3D 10+
Afterwards it asks you if you want to download repositories. Tick SweetFX and Legacy Effects.
Add this link as a repo:
Hit OK.

Go ingame, open the ReShade overlay and select my preset.

If you want to use Ray Tracing, you can get the shader here: by supporting its creator with 5$.

Shaders used:
PPFX_Bloom (about 10% performance loss)
RTGlobalIllumination (about 33% performance loss)

All other shaders have very little performance impact.

I'm actually puzzled why I used NFAA over SMAA. Use SMAA if you find your image being too blurry for your liking, it's probably still configured in this preset.

Lastly, for Ray Tracing only:
click on "Edit Global Preprocessor Settings" in ReShade and check "RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED" It should be set to 1.
then click on the little + in the lower right corner of the same menu and add: INFINITE_BOUNCES, set to 1.

Now you're good. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to ask. I look at the posts from time to time. :)