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All Vault Hunters with TVHM & Mayhem Mode Unlocked from the beginning of the game without having to play through the game once first. Nothing else edited or done, this is exactly like starting a default new game but this time you can choose either NVHM or TVHM & Mayhem.

Permissions and credits
The Introduction

A set of 8 Save Files with True Vault Hunter Mode & Mayhem Mode unlocked from the start for your Vault Huntin' pleasures.

No more must you play the game once for Mayhem Modifiers and TVHM, now you too can have it all right from the start!

The Good Stuff

* TVHM & Mayhem Mode Unlocked from the start without playing through the campaign once.
* Choose from either a Level 30 or Level 72 Vault Hunter with all 4 included with no Skill Points assigned.
* No Quests, Side Quests, ECHO Logs, Typhoon Logs, Eridian Writings, Crew Challenges, Red Chests, Zone Progress,
   Galaxy Progress or Guardian Rank Progress has been completed. The maps are all
* still brown and undiscovered.
* Nothing has been done and I mean nothing (including the Normal Campaign if your so inclined). It's like I wasn't even
   there...but we both know the truth...I was.
* Empty Inventory, No Money, No Eridian, No Keys, No Hope....ok fine, there is always hope but that's it...You get nothin'
   after that...cept some 'nades and some ammo.
* Non-DLC Dependent, works fine with or without any of the DLC''s a SaveGame yo!
* Screenshots show FL4k (pre 2.1 update) but it is the same for every Vault Hunter. I just got lazy and didn't want to take
   a gazillion more screenshots and update them with every update. Don't judge me.

The Not So FAQ

But why? Why would anyone want or need this? Why not just simply blast through the first playthrough and enable Mayhem Mode after
     or start again with TVHM?

A: Well, because while I enjoy the challenge of additional and tougher enemies I do not enjoy having to complete the game once to unlock
     either TVHM or Mayhem Mode to provide it. With these saves, well hot dang' it I don't have to and neither do you.

Q: Ok wise guy, but how then? And what all have you done within these so called wonder saves of yours?

You think these are wonder saves? Aww Thank You. Ok so what I did was start a new game with each VH twice (that's Vault Hunter to us
     cool kids), used Cheat Engine with the script** provided through the Borderlands 3 Modding Discord ( and
     just did all the work so you don't have to. Think of these as like QoL SaveGames if you will.

Q: Wait twice? Why would you do it twice?

A: For the thrill of it dammit! No not really. Twice because Saves 1-4 are Level 30 Vault Hunters for those who want to do some leveling up
     and such with Saves 5-8 being Level 72 Vault Hunters, each with nothing assigned in their Skill Trees. Yup, you get all 28/70 to play with
     how you choose to. I used an online SaveEditor ( made 'em 30/72, added their respective points then re
     named each for ease of distinction.

Q: Why 30? What about having a level 1 VH or something lower than 30?

A: Well because I tried that and it doesn't work for one simple (yet super important) reason. You see the game expects you to be at a
     minimum of Level 30 by the end of your first playthrough and as such the world, loot drops and enemies are all scaled to be 29 -31 (ish)
     in TVHM. So while I could provide you with a Level 2 VH, it would be virtually impossible to play let alone finish the game with them
     without resorting to cheating or some other nefarious means.

Q: Huh...So what about Guardian Ranks or Money or Keys or Inventory? Bet you messed up there somewhere!

A: Uh no Doubting Debby I'll have you know I did not! See I removed my profile before creating these saves, everything is exactly like starting
     a default 'New Game' with the exception of being able to choose TVHM first time with Mayhem Mode on. I've loaded them up, checked
     and triple checked, I even disabled the Guardian Rank*** on each one too for peace of mind.

     As for Money, Keys, Eridian, Inventory, Cosmetics etc yeah you got none....sorry but you're broke save for some bullets and a few bombs.
     If you want, the link above for the SaveEditor will allow you to add money and items if you so desire. It also has a link to a GoogleDoc's
     with Item codes etc (

Q: Is there anything else I should know then?

A: Not that I can think of, at least not in relation to these SaveGames anyway. Other than that I don't write code or anything like that, all
     credits for such go to their respective authors and creators. I simply took what they gave and did a little work my end so you don't have to
     on yours.

Q: Woah just woah. So can we be friends now?

A: By simply taking the time to read this we already are. Hopefully you can find some use for these SaveGames or at the very least had as
     much enjoyment reading this as I did writing it, friend.

* Covenant Pass Map has been partially discovered up to the entrance to Shiv's Sanctum.
** Original script author is 'Vakaal', download link provided via Borderlands 3 Modding discord by 'Hobamj'.
*** Guardian Rank on a new profile is zero. Adding to an existing profile will alter saves to the level of that profile.
**** Removing an existing profile.sav will loose all item unlocks. Either add to an existing profile or remove it, using an online SaveEditor to re-acquire lost items.

The Legal Stuff

I've tested these Saves as much as I can, they are provided as is. Gearbox may add this as an option in a future content update rendering this all pointless and if so I may remove this page or keep it up for my own use.

DISCLAIMER: All Credits and rights go to the respective authors who created and provided the Script used to create these Saves. I take no claim or credit for the hard work they've contributed and If they request this page be taken down I will do so without hesitation.

The Out-troduction
Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Feel free to re-use or upload them just please credit the original authors 'Vakaal' and 'Hobamj'.