Borderlands 3
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A level 60 Moze build great for True guardian takedown, build mainly focuses on Iron Bear.

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- Level 60 Moze Iron Bear build useful for true guardian takedown Mayhem 10 solo and of course everywhere else too! 
~ All items are legitimate
!!! Update 2.0 added more weapons and items to the build and better optimized Iron Bear & Moze's Damage and survival-ability.  

- Weapons include:
1. Sandhawks with all the elements
2. Flipper with different element combinations
3. Plaguebearer with all the elements
5.  Backburners with all the elements
6. Yellowcake
7.  Cloning Tracker Grenade mod
8. Plumage (low level version)
9. The O.C.Q System
10. Dowsing Rod (Non-elemental version)
11. Skullmasher
12. Miscreants with all the elements and non elemental version
13. Spades with all the elements and non elemental version
14. Kaoson( Fire,corrosive,shock and cryo versions)
15 .Gargoyle 
16. Tigg's boom with all the elements
17. Globetrottr (non elemental version) - Mounted on the wall in Moze's room in Sanctuary 

1. Bloodletter 
2. Rocketeer 
3. Raging Bear
4. Snowdrift deathless
5. Snowdrift victory rush
6. Cutpurse launch pad
7. Pearl of ineffable knowledge
8. Old God
9. Transformer
10. Big Boom Blaster