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Double sup' !

Another raid boss time with Lilith, and this one is probably gonna be the hardest for her.

There's a lot of things to remember during this fight :
- when you use phasewalk they will go back up everytime (not like Zer0 and his clone). That's why i chose Boost first, so that I'm done with it and because of his slag balls being the fastest/more accurate projectile.
- Lilith has no recharge delay/reload speed bonus, so again you have to rely on gear switching from the inventory (totally doable without a Bee shield, it just takes years of your life)
- unlike the Hyperius fight, the Dragons just put dots on you at all time. Specially Incinerator, I recommend using an inflammable shield (either the Bee or a purple Tediore shield)

Other than that, I chose a Specter COM after many unfortunate tries with a Mercenary COM, to keep as much distance from them and you can hit crits more reliably than against Hyperius.
Bless the Lyudas, they give insane damage and the unlisted projectiles makes for some easy Mind Games (poor Incinerator at the end, can't do anything).

This was the third time i beat them and a pretty good time overall.
Enjoy !