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A complete overhaul of Maya's skills and class mods, pushing her into different playstyles, with a focus on elemental effect damage and melee (including some ranged melee abilities).

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Elemental Banshee Maya is a complete rework of Maya's skills and class mods, pushing her into different playstyles, with a focus on elemental effect damage and melee (including some ranged melee abilities).
Many of the important skills in her vanilla configuration are taken away (e.g. Wreck, Reaper, slag on Ruin, Ward for easy Beehawking), and replaced by new skills with some interesting synergies. Her health and health regeneration skills are boosted to allow for a more aggressive and close quarter gameplay, incl. with depleted shields. Most class mods have been adapted, and some new ones (Legendary Banshee,...) are introduced. I recommend starting a new playthrough to build her progressively.
Elemental Banshee Maya is fully functional and playable. The balance is thought around the vanilla version of the game, with a few internal tweaks. If you like the mod, don't hesitate to endorse / give some feedback. Also, feel free to post and discuss your builds in the Forum.   
Installation and Compatibility
Use BLCMM to install Elemental Banshee Maya:
  • Install BLCMM
  • In BLCMM > Tools > Setup game files for mods: enable the Mod support options, and any other you may want. 
  • Open ElementalBansheeMaya.blcm in BLCMM (or use File > Import Single mod, if you want to combine it with other mods)
  • In BLCMM > File > Save as: select "Open BL2 Binaries Dir", and save it under any name you like (e.g. mymods.txt)
  • Launch your game. In the menu with New Game, Character selection, etc, press "Esc" to exit to the main menu.
  • Open the console (using the key you selected when setting up your game files for mods in BLCMM), and type e.g. "exec mymods.txt".
  • Close the console, press key to continue, and you're good to go.
Elemental Banshee Maya is self-contained and can be used as a standalone.
You can also try to combine it with other mods, using BLCMM. Elemental Banshee Maya should be compatible with most other mods, but pay attention to a few things:
  • Use "Import single mod" in BLCMM to import Elemental Banshee Maya, preferably after importing any other mods you wish to use.
  • If other mods affect Maya skills or class mods in any way, make sure to disable those changes. Notably, if you are using the UCP, disable the categories "Skill Changes > Maya", and "Gear Changes > Class Mods > Changes to Slayer of Terra... > Maya". If you are using my Skill Scaling Patch, also disable anything Maya-related in there.
  • Elemental Banshee Maya is balanced for the vanilla version of the game. It is therefore not really recommended to combine it with mods that affect the balance of the game (e.g. slag overhaul, UVHM overhaul etc): you may still do so, and it shouldn't create any technical issues, but your mileage may vary in terms of gameplay.

The damage that Phaselock inflicts on non-phaselockable targets is now based on Maya's melee damage, and benefits from all her melee damage bonuses (incl. roid shield, bladed weapon).
Ward: Increases Shield Recharge Rate and Shield Recharge Delay (makes the delay longer).
Siren Song: Sweet Release, with the addition of a stacking mechanism: one stack of Siren Song is gained each time a phaselocked enemy is killed. Siren Song stacks last for 6 minutes, increase Max Health, and play a role in other skills in the Motion tree.
Sustenance: Passive health regeneration, faster when shields or magazine is empty.
Quicken: Increase Phaselock and Scorn cooldown rate, depending on the number of stacks of Siren Song.
Fleet: No changes.
Converge: Now also adds 1 second to Phaselock duration.
Shriek: Massive increase in Fire Rate and Gun Damage while an enemy is phaselocked, but also consumes the shields. Bonuses are lost when shields are empty.
Kinetic Reflection: The %damage that deflected bullets deal to enemies now depends on the number of Siren Song stacks and on the level of the player. (e.g. at 5/5 with 5 stacks, deflected bullets deal 100% of their original damage at level 20, but 400% at OP8).
Chain Reaction: Passive skill, chance to ricochet depends on the number of Siren Song stacks.
Subsequence: Single point capstone with 100% chance to seek a new enemy. Also increases phaselock duration by 3 seconds.
Mind's Eye: No changes.
Accelerate: No changes.
Restoration: Increased Max Health bonus.
Pins and Needles: Increases melee damage and elemental status damage, while an enemy is phaselocked.
Elated: Increased health regeneration, while an enemy is phaselocked.
Res: Now also adds 1 second to Phaselock duration.
Out with a Bang: When a phaselocked enemy is killed, it explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies. The damage is based on Maya's melee damage, and benefits from all her melee damage bonuses.
Life Tap: No changes.
Reaper: Stacks of Reaper are gained when an enemy is killed by an elemental status effect. Reaper stacks last 90 seconds and increase melee damage.
Scorn: The damage is now based on Maya's melee damage, and benefits from all her melee damage bonuses.

Flicker: Increased Elemental effect chance bonus.
 Damage resistance vs. non-elemental, Fire and Corrosive attacks.
Pestilence: Adds Corrosive damage to melee attacks. The corrosive damage is based on the melee damage actually dealt (Immolate calculation). Skill is passive but with a smaller percent than Immolate.I also tweaked the formulas so that it does not suffer twice from the damage penalty against higher level enemies in the OP levels.
 Chance to set the target on Fire when hitting a crit with a bullet (probability is higher for weapons with small Fire Rate and small number of projectiles per shot).And large radius Nova explosion when shields are depleted.
Supernova: Enemy that deals health damage to Maya has a chance to catch a Burn and a Corrode status effects. Deadly response to enemies inflicting DOTs on Maya.
Cloud Kill:
 Very small damage, but can give stronger Corrode status effects. Cloud lasts much longer (20 seconds) to make its placement more tactical. Also adds 1 second Phaselock duration.
Death Wish:
 Increases Elemental effect damage, depending on how low Maya's health is.
Elemental Queen:
 Kill Skill, increases all Fire and Corrosive damage.
 Slag replaced by Fire, and made to be a 5/5 skill (can be boosted up to 11/5 with class mods).
Nephilim: Constantly inflict Slag damage to nearby enemies. A simple, but risky, way to slag enemies.