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Light overhaul - this is how I play the game, so I decided to upload it

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This is a compilation of the UCP, other mods that I've added/tweaked and changed, BL2 fix, and a few SDK mods

I try not to change much except for what I feel is lacking, instead just adding on top of what's there, and making it better

Also, I put some Nvidia Game Filter settings in the pictures section, also used in the screenshots - looks nice

For the .txt, these are the mods included:

-Cosmetic changes from the UCP
-A few options in Features from the UCP
-Pearls and Seraphs have the buffs from the UCP
-Infinity Buff, Skyrocket scales higher, slag grenades slag more reliably, and afterburner buff from the UCP
-All the Loot Pool changes from the UCP
-Repeatable quests(circle of slaughter, ect), from the UCP and BL2 fix combined
-Respawnable Enemies and more EXP from raid bosses enabled - you should be able to farm decent EXP from raid bosses, especially with the EXP option on in BL2 Fix
-Less cluttered Action Skill UI with Sal, and tuned down muzzle flashes from e-techs from the UCP
-Remove Large corpses from the UCP
-NEW!(1.1.0) Enemies have 50% health/shield in UVHM, meaning they have 2x the health/shield of enemies in TVHM, instead of 4x - slag will only increases damage by 75% in UVHM, meaning that enemies are nearly just as weak when slagged, but also killable without slag
-NEW!(1.2.0) Less time in FFYL, and less down threshold
-NEW!(1.2.2) Increased cost of death
-NEW!(1.2.3) Buffed Slot Machines
-NEW!(1.2.3) Increased animation speed for slot machines and car animations
-NEW!(1.2.0) Gemstones are in the purple pool, and uniques/seraphs are in the legendary pool
-NEW!(1.2.0) Lowered dedicated legendary drop rate
-Fast Travel, Bank, ect from anywhere
-BL1-Style Rarity  - Warning! Disable for Multiplayer, or your homies will see a lot of black text
-Larger Loot Midget Containers (optional)
-Doctors Orders and Space Cowboy not needed for Loot Midget spawns
-All Treants can drop The Bee
-More Chests on Pandora
-Skeletons are much more weak to Corrosive, and a little bit more weak to Explosive
-Ammo Regen - Every accessory (except bayonets) now regenerates ammo, all at different rates
-NEW!(1.2.4) Tediore ammo regen
-I also further buffed a few of the Pearls even further: Stalker, Unforgiven, Butcher, Avenger, Bekah, and Storm
-Blood of the Seraphs now buffs Shock Damage, Cooldown Rate, Fire Rate, and gives you life leach - I added this, cause I felt like shock was lacking as an element, so you can use Blood of the Seraphs+Shock, and use shock as a self-healing element
-Added the Draco mod by Aaron0000, since the Sawbar isn't that good imo
-The Stinger now has life steal and good hip-fire - I feel like there are too many good Anarchist type pistols which pretty much all do the same thing
-Rubi shoots 2 projectiles, increasing slag chance
-Slag Damage relic now boosts non-elemental damage
-No reload messages
-Less Zoom when using sights
-Viewmodel change

-NEW!(1.1.0) Purple Rarity weapons have increased damage, so they're able to compete with some legendaries - blue rarity weapons also buffed slightly, so there's less gap between blue and purple
-NEW!(1.2.0) Uniques have increased Damage
-Various Weapon Buffs

Maya - Res gives Maya increased max HP from the UCP
Maya - Scorn can pass through enemies
Maya - Scorn buff from the UCP
Maya - Life tap is passive at a rate of 1% instead of 6%

Zer0 - Unforseen does slag damage
Zer0 - Kunai blades are only slag - Zer0 can slag properly
Zer0 - no self harm with Kunai
Zer0 - Followthrough and Killer are passive, but not as powerful

Krieg - Slag Hellfire Halitosis

Sal - The Bee does off-hand amp-damage
Sal - Lay Waste in off-hand too, plus passive
Sal - Steady As She Goes increases accuracy at 70% instead of 30%
Sal - Full Moneyshot bonus, regardless of mag size
Sal - 5 Shots or 6 is passive

Axton - New Skill: Soulja Boi --- Nothing special, just a stat boost
Axton - Metal Storm now passive, but not as powerful - I don't know how to get recoil reduction to show on the skill card, but it still decreases recoil
Axton - Overload for all guns
Axton - Longer Sabre Turret Duration

Gaige - Interspersed Outburst buffed slag chance
Gaige - Shock Storm activates off of Shock kills
Gaige - Wires Don't Talk buff

My recommended BL2Fix settings, and recommended SDK mods:

You can play this mod fine with just the .txt, but I recommend these BL2Fix settings, plus some SDK mods

BL2Fix -

BL2Fix settings:

Loot Pools:
Global Loot Rebalance - ON
Enemyuse Gun Drops - ON
Enemyuse Legendary Guns - ON
BossUniques Scaling - OFF
GunsAndGear Scaling - ON
Item Level Variance - OFF

Item Changes:
All - OFF

Gameplay Changes:
All - ON

Misc Changes:
Unlimited Bank - OFF
Cheaper SDUs - OFF
Everything else - ON

UCP Loot + MP Scale - OFF

Recommended SDK Mod: Scaling Adjuster --- --- set to 105 - this will make the game scale at a much slower rate, meaning guns won't become outleveled quickly, and numbers won't be bloated at high levels - also makes the game slightly easier in some ways, but it isn't particularly noticable - you're still a glass canon at OP10, but not quite as much - highly recommended, especially if you're using the EXP buff from BL2 Fix - this way, you can just play through the NVHM and TVHM content without having to do any kind of farming

Another SDK Mod recommendation:
Well, 2 mods
Drop Chance Multiplier -
Difficulty Modes -
Increase the drop chance multiplier by one for every increase in difficulty

I don't recommend this, but you can do it if you want: using Hex Multitool, which should be in Borderlands 2/Binaries/Win32/Mods/BL2Fix if you have BL2 Fix installed, to change the Sanctuary DLC OP Level Cap to 12, that way you can progress all the way to OP20 - Warning! If you do increase the OP level cap, use something that disables the Sanity Check, or else you might end up not noticing an update, and losing some gear

You can disable the Sanity Check with the Hex Multitool or Sanity Saver:

Credits: Apocolyptech, Aaron0000, Exotek, HolyHades, TheDerpOfGames, ZxUxBxExR, Juso, Checometer, theNocturni, Freya, soze, Autumnwitch, OstrixTheOstrich, Coleby, Jim Raven, Zma

Please let me know if I missed any --- I put the .txt together over the course of a 2 years, and didn't write credits down, since I wasn't planning to upload it - I only created this Nexus user to upload it, so I won't be reaping any un-earned clout

UCP Credits: 55tumbl, Aaron0000, Adudney, AngrierPat, B33PB00PJOE, Dave Rabbit, empireScum,
Ethel, FromDarkHell, Hydrattler, Jim Raven, Kazy, Kumakobi, laxlife, LightChaosman,
MegaCyber, MikeyRay, mopioid, Orudeon, Our Lord And Savior Gabe Newell, SentySent, SirUmnei, Sommer, the_Nocturni, Zububu