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A ZIP File Containing Save files for each Character. Each Save starts in Liars Berg next to a customization station and the items are in your inventory

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I've been off and on with this idea for a few years now. Shout out to Sparfires @ Imgur for his skin and head gibbed codes which I used to compile most of the item codes, he hadnt updated it in awhile but had almost everything so I had to do some snooping to find what was missing and i reordered my list from there original alphabetical order to the same order it is in game. And also thanks to the guys who made the gibbed save editor

Locate Your Save Game Folder - Usually its goes Documents/My Games/Borderlands 2/WillowGame/SaveData/"SteamUserID"
Backup Your Current Saves (If you're like me and play one of each character you should have six saves)
Unzip the folder and Copy one of the files (or all of them) to your save folder
rename the file of the character you want to "Save0007.sav" or any number that's not being used or else you'll over wright one of your saves
In Game load the character they're all level 3 (Maya is level 4)

This includes
The Geabox Skin
The Community Day Head & Skins
The Goliath Helmet
The Poker Night Heads as well as the new Commander Lilith Head & Skins plus all the other normal head & skins

If there is any head or skin missing please let me know and ill update as soon as i find the gibbed code

The gibb can also be used to convert XBox 360 saves to PC and vice versa, but the Commander Lilith content will not show up because the game will delete unknown items and that version isnt going to updated for the new content. Also if its not obvious but if you have a XBox One and 360 there is a supported save transfer in game.