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Adds 11 new accessories that DON'T replace any vanilla ones, as well as replacing the bayonet and "None" accessories with new, actually useful ones!
Now includes a (very) simplistic guide for adding them using Gibbed's save editor.

Permissions and credits
Non-Accessory Replacing:
These 11 new accessories replace practically useless base weapon prefixes to work as accessories.
Based on the way Exotek made two new accessories(And more!) in his BL2 Exodus mod.
Many of these accessories are similar or the same as ones in other mods, though these do not replace any of the vanilla ones!


Stinging is less damage and accuracy for a lot of fire rate. Similar to the Stinging accessory from Exotek's Exodus mod. Decreases zoom strength
Anarchist's is much worse accuracy for a fair bit of extra damage and a strong crit boost. Heavily decreases zoom
Cruel is extra crit, accuracy, and increased recoil. Increases zoom strength. Credit to AngrierPat, as this is based on the accessory from his Prefix Rework mod.

High Rolling is like the Gamble snipers from BL1, a lot of extra crit for crap accuracy and recoil. Credit to Ethel, as this started from her Gamble 2.0 mod.
Efficacious is better DoT capabilities for worse damage, with a burst fire for Jakobs. Similar to a mod from Kazy, though the burst fire and status damage were added to it.
First-Rate is an all buff, similar to the one for shotguns. Credit to AngrierPat, as this is also translated from their Prefix Rework mod.

Assault is much worse damage for a large boost in every other stat, as well as a two-shot burst for Jakobs. Credit to Aaron0000, as this is almost a straight translation from his Assault Shotguns mod.

Severe is bonus crit, accuracy, and increased recoil. Increases zoom strength. Credit to AngrierPat, as this is based on the accessory from his Prefix Rework mod.

Chilled(Cold) is a large increase to damage, recoil reduction, and accuracy recovery, but VERY slow projectiles.
Pissed(Rage) is a huge increase to fire rate(excluding Jakobs), but you fire in 5 shot bursts(3 for Jakobs) and have much more recoil.

Redeeming(Redemption) increases ammo consumption and heavily slows rockets but gives a HUGE damage buff

Accessory Replacing:
Hate getting a bayonet for melee damage you'll never need, or getting an accessory that's only purpose is to be useless?
Here's what replaces those!

The "None" accessory, which was made to do literally nothing, despite being able to just put nothing, gives faster swap and reload speed, but reduced magazine. Not for launchers
This "None" accessory applies a different effect for launchers, granting strong ammo regeneration while heavily reducing damage and projectile speed.

All bayonets are replaced with either a shield pierce or weapon type specific accessory
(There are two bayonets per weapon type, aside from snipers with 1 and launchers with none.)
Bayonet 2 (Bandit and Torgue only, normally) is replaced with a shield pierce accessory giving a 25% chance to pierce shields (Not physical ones) and 15% more damage, but reduces projectile speed, accuracy and accuracy recovery by 20% and fire rate by 6%.
Bayonet 1 (The ones that aren't giant cleavers) is now a weapon type specific accessory;

SMG-Thumper: Similar to BL1, a lot less fire rate for a lot more damage. It also gets extra bullet speed, crit, and accuracy. Smaller mag but better reload.
Pistol-Pigeon: Large negatives to most attributes, aside from a fire rate increase and -1 PreAdd ammo consumption
AR-Suppressing: Huge mag boost for worse reload and fire rate
Shotgun-Knockback(XX): adds knockback but is also somewhat similar to the thumper acc, much less fire rate for more damage and accuracy, with a smaller mag but better reload.

No Snipers or rocket launchers, sorry.

Since there are no longer bayonet accessories, what if you still want a bayonet?
The Bandit grips of weapons now have them, just like rocket launchers!
Bandit doesn't make snipers and snipers only have a single bayonet, so they just keep the bayonet on the Pierce acc.

Prefixes for the Pierce accessory;
                 |     Jakobs      |      Hyperion      |      Tediore     |       Dahl       |     Vladof    |     Maliwan     |      Torgue        |   Bandit
Pistol      |    Magnum     |    Invalidating    |    Bargain       |  Negating     |   Prokolot    |        Void        | Self-Conscious|   bray-Kur
AR           |    Trample      |                             |                       |     Piercing     |  Udaleniye |                        | Compensating |     vyTil
SMG        |                        |       Vitiating       |     Discount    |    Negatory   |                     |     Marred      |                           |  Peersing
Shotgun  |     Bronco      |   Cancellation     |      Saving      |                      |                     |                         |          N/A         |   Nug ate
Sniper     | Stampeding  |    Nullification     |                        |    Ranger     |   Otminet    |       Sullied       |                          |

Torgue shotguns CAN spawn with the accessory, but there is no base shotgun bayonet prefix available to change, so I had to use Torgue's for the knockback prefix.

If you want to use this mod with my Double Accessories mod, you have to download the Double New Accessories file, located either here or there, under the optional files along with New Accessories, placement order in BLCMM does not matter.

Gibbed's Save Editor:
If you want to use Gibbed to add the new accessories to your weapons, follow this.
Credit to Das Mexikaner for it.

Exotek, for finding/creating the method used to turn prefix objects into accessories. BL2 Exodus:

Aaron0000, for the Assault accessory, based off of his Assault Shotguns mod:

Ethel, for the Gamble sniper accessory.

AngrierPat, for multiple accessories, I could not ask them for permission, as I was unable to find a way to contact them directly.

Kazy, for their elemental sniper accessory, which is where I initially got the idea for the accessory.

If anyone credited requests removal of their content, I will comply.

Feel free to message me on Discord (Checometer#2722), or ping me over on Shadow's Evil Hideout (In the BL-Modding/Patch-Mod-Troubleshooting channel) if you have any issues or feedback.