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Hey, buddy! It’s me, Roland! Let's kill Handsome Jack and then we'll all go out for milkshakes!

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This mod recreates Roland from BL1 as a playable character in BL2.
There are limitations to what can be done in BL2 modding. So this is not a new character, but a (rather extensive) rework of Axton.

The Scorpio Turret and all of Roland's skills work mostly the same as in BL1. There are a few differences here and there, either for technical reasons or for balancing purposes or just for fun. Some of those differences can optionally be reversed. More details are given below.

If you like the mod, don't hesitate to endorse / give some feedback. Also, feel free to post and discuss your builds in the Forum.


Special Thanks to Shadowevil, LightChaosMan, C0dycode, FromDarkHell & Apocalyptech, for making stuff possible and practical.

If you are feeling crimsonly honourable, you can buy me a milkshake

Installation and Compatibility

1. General information

For using Borderlands 2 mods in general, I highly recommend checking out this webpage first; Running Mods - Borderlands Modding
1. Setting up the game for mods.

On windows, you want to start by installing the PythonSDK (see webpage linked just above).
On mac, you have to hexedit manually.

2. Configuration of the Roland mod

First you need to install OpenBLCMM.

Open Roland.blcm in OpenBLCMM and configure the file depending on which DLCs you own. You can also un-check some of the optional boosts if you don't want those.

You need to save the Roland.blcm (and Roland-fix.blcm) in your game binaries. When you "Save As" in OpenBLCMM, there should be a link to the Binaries directory, on the left side of the save popup screen).

3. Using Roland with other mods

Roland is self-contained and can be used as a standalone.

You can also try to combine it with other mods, but they need to be combined into ONE SINGLE file in OpenBLCMM. Roland should be compatible with most other mods, but pay attention to a few things:
  • Use "Import single mod" in OpenBLCMM to import Roland, preferably after importing any other mods you wish to use.
  • Roland should be mostly compatible with the UCP (though I haven't tested extensively), as long as you import the Roland mod after the UCP. And it is still preferable to disable anything Axton-related in the UCP.
  • If other mods affect Axton's skills or class mods in any way, make sure to disable those changes.
  • This mod is balanced for the vanilla version of Borderlands 2. It is therefore not recommended to combine it with mods that affect the balance of the game (e.g. slag overhaul, UVHM overhaul, BL1-like scaling, etc. Even the Assault Rifle boosts in the UCP might be too much). You may still try to do so, and it might not create any technical issues, but your mileage may vary in terms of gameplay.

4. Running the mod(s)

Launch the game, and go to the main menu screen (with New Game, etc). Open the console and type e.g. "exec Roland.blcm". If you combined it with other mods in another file, you need to exec that file instead (e.g. "exec allmymods.blcm").

5. Playing in co-op

Roland should work fine in co-op, as a long as all players are running the mod.

You can play multiple Rolands together. You can play Roland in co-op with any of the vanilla Vault Hunters EXCEPT Axton.

Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible to play Roland in co-op with Lilith or Mordecai (my other mods). This may become an option in the future.

6. Known issues

Starting a New Game does not always work very smoothly. If you have problems: start a new Axton without mods, then save quit when you see claptrap, exec the mod and come back.
The new version of the model swap (from v1.2) is in principle better, but is not perfect (notably it may affect the inventory pose of some other players in coop). So I left the old version as optional. For some users, the model change from Axton to Roland in the inventory menu might not apply. This problem never happened to me, and is of unknown origin.  If you do see Roland in the Inventory Menu, this is not necessary. But otherwise, a possible solution (not guaranteed to work) is as follows:
  • Save the additional file Roland-fix.blcm in your BL2 binaries (individually, do not import it in your main mod file).
  • Exec your main mod file including Roland.blcm as usual from the main menu.
  • Load your save file and enter the game as Axton/Roland. 
  • When in game, open the console and type "exec Roland-fix.blcm".  

Scorpio Turret
Press [Action Skill] to deploy a Scorpio Turret that automatically fires at enemies. The Scorpio Turret also has shields that can be used as cover.

The main differences with the Scorpio Turret you've known in BL1:
  • Better damage output (across all playthroughs), which also makes skills like Sentry or Barrage a lot more useful.
  • The turret's weapon can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Base damage is non-elemental and cannot be modified by wearing elemental relics.
  • Larger radius of effect around the turret, and a few skills were modified to provide additional benefits when standing in the radius.
  • I changed a bit the cooldown system: the base cooldown is 80s instead of 100s, but the cooldown reduction skills Deploy and Refire are only active when the turret is NOT deployed. In consequence, it is impossible to completely remove the cooldown, although it can still be reduced very significantly (down to about 10s), and having the turret destroyed early will no longer indirectly affect the cooldown time. These changes were prompted by the existence of other sources of cooldown reduction (e.g. relics), by the much larger benefits that this new version of the Scorpio Turret can provide, and because 100s feels very long at the start of the game. 

Compared to Axton's Sabre Turret, the Scorpio Turret is less flexible in some ways (no long range deploy, no recall, only one turret at a time, longer base cooldown, etc), but it can potentially provide a lot more benefits (in terms of survivability, damage output and ammo regen), especially when standing close to it. 

Note that the Scorpio Turret deployed by the Roland NPC (on Bloodshot Ramparts and Control Core Angel) is not modified at all, except for a larger ring  (but this is only visual, and the actual healing/ammo regen effects from that turret still apply in the same radius as before).
Impact:  Increases Bullet Damage with all weapon types (4% per skill point).
  • Can optionally be reversed to the BL1 bonus value of 3% Bullet Damage per skill point.
Sentry: Increases Scorpio Turret Damage (7% per skill point).
  • This also affects the damage of the rockets from Guided Missile.
Scattershot: Increases shotgun damage and reload speed, and decreases spread. (6% per skill point).
  • Can optionally remove the reload speed bonus, which is absent in BL1.
Metal Storm: Killing an enemy increases your Fire Rate (12% per skill point) and reduces Recoil (15% per skill point) for a few seconds.
  • This is essentially the same skill as Axton's Metal Storm. The actual fire rate boost in BL1 is also close to 12%, even though 6% is given in the skill description.
Refire: Shooting an enemy reduces the Cooldown of your Scorpio Turret (1 sec per skill point). This effect can only occur every 2 seconds.
  • Like in BL1, this does not trigger every 2 seconds, but lasts for 2 seconds. A new hit will simply reset the duration of the skill.
  • Unlike in BL1, this skill is disabled while the turret is deployed (see notes on cooldown management above).
Assault: Increases Weapon Damage and Critical Hit Damage with Assault Rifles (8% per skill point).
  • Can optionally be reversed to the BL1 bonuses of 9% magazine size and recoil reduction.
Guided Missile: Your Scorpio Turret launches slag missiles in addition to using its regular gun. (Up to 1 missile per skill point).
  • The missiles are not guided, but shoot straight towards the enemy, and can miss their target (especially if it's moving).
  • The missiles have a high chance (but not guaranteed) to slag enemies in a certain radius around the hit.
  • The max missile count should be attained if the turret constantly fires at a single enemy for the whole duration. You may get less missiles if the turret switches from one enemy to another, or if it is destroyed early.
Defense: Increases how quickly your shields recharge (10% recharge speed and -10% recharge delay per skill point).
  • This is a slightly nerfed version of Axton's skill Willing (but Defense is Tier 1 and can be boosted by class mods).
  • The recharge delay follows the usual calculation, so with -50% at 5/5, the actual delay should be 1/(1+0.5) = 67% of the value on the card. 
  • Can optionally be reversed to the BL1 bonus value of 4% recharge speed per skill point.
Stockpile: Players near the Scorpio Turret regenerate ammo for the weapon currently in their hands (1 per skill point).
  • This skill also regenerates rockets, at a slower rate.
  • The skill works fine for Roland, but will only work for allies if Roland is himself within the turret's circle.
Quick Charge: Killing an enemy causes your shields to quickly regenerate for a few seconds. (1.4%/sec per skill point).
Barrage: Increases the Accuracy of your Scorpio Turret (10% per skill point) and the number of shots it fires in each burst (+1 per skill point).
  • The turret has a relatively high fire rate and long burst delay, so increasing the number of shots per burst definitely does increase its DPS.
  • Can optionally remove the accuracy bonus, which is absent in BL1.
Grenadier: Killing an enemy increases your grenade damage (8% per skill point) and causes you to regenerate grenades (1.6/min per skill point) for a few seconds.
Deploy: Reduces the cooldown for your Scorpio Turret (cooldown speed increased by 20% per skill point).
  • At 5/5 the cooldown rate will be doubled, and the cooldown time will thus be 40 seconds.
  • The bonus from Deploy is multiplicative with other cooldown percentage bonuses you may find (e.g. on a relic). With Deploy 5/5 and a +40% cooldown relic, the overall cooldown speed will be 2 x 1.4 = 2.8, and the cooldown time will thus be 80/2.8 = 29 seconds.
  • Unlike in BL1, this skill is disabled while the turret is deployed (see notes on cooldown management above).
Supply Drop: The Scorpio Turret fires out supply pickups to resupply players (1 per skill point). In addition, allies near the Scorpio Turret gain increased weapon proficiency (6% weapon reload/aim/swap speed per skill point).
  • The supply drops can contain any type of ammo, and have a chance to include a health consumable, some cash and/or eridium, as well as weapons and gear.
  • Can optionally remove the reload/aim/swap speed bonuses, which are absent in BL1.    

Fitness: Increases your Maximum Health (10% per skill point).
  • Can optionally be reversed to the BL1 bonus value of 5% Maximum Health per skill point.
Aid Station:
 Allies near the Scorpio Turret regenerate Health (1%/sec per skill point).
  • The health regeneration for Roland and for his allies is calculated as a percentage of Roland's health, including the Fitness skill and any other max. health bonuses.
Overload: Increases magazine capacity with all weapon types. (12% per skill point).
 Increases your resistance to Bullet Damage (8% sec per skill point).
  • The position of this skill in the tree was switched with Cauterize.
  • The damage resistance does not follow the usual calculation, but is comparable to the reduced damage Maya gets with Kinetic Reflection. With 40% bullet damage resistance at 5/5, Roland will take only 60% of incoming bullet damage.
  • Can optionally be reversed to the BL1 bonus value of 3% Bullet damage resistance (with the same calculation).
Revive: The Scorpio Turret has a chance to instantly revive nearby crippled players when deployed (14% per skill point).
  • This skill also works for Roland himself, not just for his allies. It is thus also useful when playing solo.
  • It is the same effect as Axton's skill Grit (a chance to ignore otherwise lethal damage), with a much larger percentage, but only within the turret's radius while it is deployed, and without any health restore.
  • Allies getting revived by the turret won't get the notification sound. ?????
 Shooting team members heals them (6% per skill point). This effect only works with bullets. Shooting enemies heals you (0.4% per skill point). This effect also works with grenades and rockets.
  • The ally health restoration effect is the same as Maya's Restoration, except that it only works with bullets, but not with rockets.
  • It is also possible to restore the health of the Scorpio Turret by shooting at it
  • The life steal effect is the same as on any Moxxi weapon.
  • Can optionally remove the life steal effect, which is absent in BL1.
Stat: Killing an enemy increases health regeneration for you and nearby friends for a few seconds (1%/sec per skill point). In addition, you gain increased Movement Speed and Gun Damage (6% per skill point). Killing multiple enemies in short succession gives larger bonuses.
  • The movement speed and gun damage bonuses apply only to Roland, not to his allies.
  • The health regeneration for Roland and his allies is calculated as a percentage of Roland's health, including the Fitness skill and any other max. health bonuses.
  • A stack of Stat is gained whenever Roland kills an enemy, and gives the bonuses as described.
  • Additional stacks of Stat are gained for each additional kill, but all stacks are lost when the kill skill is deactivated (7 seconds after the last kill, in solo).
  • The health regen, movement speed, and gun damage bonuses increase with each stack, but not linearly (they are doubled with 4 stacks, tripled with 9 stacks, etc).
  • Turret kills do not grant any stacks, and thus do not yield any bonuses. But they do reset the timer on the kill skill, and can thus extend the duration of the bonuses, and help preserve the kill streak.
Class Mods

The Class mods are essentially the same as in BL1, but follow the BL2 system.
I also took a few creative liberties here and there and added a couple new class mods.

  • The values of the skill bonuses are the same as in BL2 (e.g. up to 5-4-4 on a purple class mod).
  • In BL1, each class mod has one primary stat bonus, and maximum one out of two possible secondary bonuses. In this adaptation, all class mods have the primary stat bonus, and both secondary stat bonuses. BUT the values of the secondary stat bonuses depend on parts much more than in the typical BL2 system, so that even at max level you can find class mods with one or both secondary bonuses at 0%. 
  • Eridian Protector replaces the Legendary Soldier. It boosts weapon damage, and has a special hidden effect.
  • The allegiance class mods (Vladof Patriot and two new ones) replace the other Legendary Class mods. No hidden effects on these ones.